Kingdom of Dharmasraya (Malayu Muda) / Prov. Sumatera Barat

The kingdom of Dharmasraya (Malayu Muda), 1183–1347; located on Sumatera, Kab. Dharmasraya, prov. Sumatera Barat.
The existence of this kingdom can be known to begin in the 7th century based in Minanga, in the 13th century centered in the District Dharmasraya and beginning in the 15th century centered in Suruaso or Pagaruyung.

District Dharmasraya

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History of the kingdom of Dharmasraya, 1183–1347

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The Malay Kingdom is the name of a kingdom that once existed on the island of Sumatra. This kingdom was divided into two periods, namely the Old Malayu Kingdom in the 7th century based in Minanga Tamwan, and Malayu Muda Kingdom in the 13th century centered on Dharmasraya.
Old Malayu Kingdom or Malayu Kuno is often also called by the name of Malayu Kingdom. According to Minangkabau tambo, the Malay Kingdom was founded by Sri Jayanaga, who was descended from Mount Marapi to Minanga Tamwan around 603. While the Kingdom of Malayu Muda is often also called by the name of Dharmasraya Kingdom. Dharmasraya was founded by Sri Tribuana Raja Mauliwarmadewa who was still in the same rank as Sri Jayanaga.

Location of the kingdom

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The location of Malay Dharmasraya kingdom can not be determined with certainty. There are many opinions about the location of this kingdom, namely:
1) Dr. Rouffaer said, that the capital of Malayu kingdom was a malayu port, which is located in the area of Jambi City.
2) It has been said by Ir Moens, that malayu port is located in Jambi City, but the position of the palace is located in Palembang area.
3) Prof. George Coedes has been convinced, that Palembang is the capital of the kingdom of Sriwijaya and not the capital of Malayu.
4) In Tanyore inscription mentioned that the location of the capital city of Malayu kingdom is between the bulls and its position is on the hill. Based on the data on the inscription, Slamet Muljana mentioned that the palace Malayu is located in Minanga Tamwa which as already stated in Kedukan Bukit inscription.

Location kingdom of Dharmasraya

List of kings

* 1286: Srimat Tribhuwanaraja Mauli Warmadewa. Capital: Dharmasraya. Prasasti Padang Roco 1286 in Siguntur (Kabupaten Dharmasraya), delivery of Arca Amonghapasa as present of king of Singhasari to king of Malayu.
* 1316: Akarendrawarman. Capital: Dharmasraya or Suruaso. Prasasti Suruaso (Kab. Tanah Datar).
* 1347: Srimat Sri Udayadityawarman Pratapaparakrama Rajendra Maulimali Warmadewa. Capital: Suruaso or Pagaruyung. Arca Amoghapasa, 1347 di (Kab. Dharmasraya),
Moved to Suruaso, Prasasti Suruaso (Kabupaten Tanah Datar), Envoy was sent to Cina sebanyak 6 times between 1371 and 1377 during the Dynasty of Ming.
* 1375: Ananggawarman. Capital: Pagaruyung Prasasti Batusangkar (Kab. Tanah Datar).

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