Kingdom of Pasir (Sadurangas) / Prov. Kalimantan Timur

The Sultanate of Paser (before the Kingdom of Sadurangas), is located on the province of East Kalimantan, District of Paser. 1516 – 1906.

District of Paser

Foto sultanate of Paser

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Foto kingdoms on Kalimantan

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Video history kingdoms on Kalimantan

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About the king (2020)

12 juli 2020
A new sultan was chosen for the Paser sultanate:
Jarnawi became Sultan of Paser with the title Sultan Muhammad Alamsyah III.
The Customary Council and Alim Ulama of the Paser Sultanate held the election for Sultan of Paser. Since 1920 there has been no appointment of a Sultan of Paser.
After going through a long day of deliberation and process, yesterday afternoon, through the voting of the Paser elders, Aji Muhammad Jarnawi (45) was finally chosen as Sultan Paser.

History of the sultanate of Paser, 1516 – 1906

The Sultanate of Paser (formerly known as the Kingdom Sadurangas) was a kingdom, founded in 1516 and was led by a woman (Ratu I), called Putri Di Dalam Petung. Sadurangas kingdom‘s territory covered existing Kab. Paser, and Kab. Penajam Paser Utara, Balikpapan and Pamukan. According to a VOCDutch agreement with the Sultanate of Banjar, the kingdom of Paser became a depedent Negeri, in “negara Banjar Raya””. In 1853 the population of the Sultanate of Paser was 30,000.
During 1906-1918 AD, there was fighting of the people against the colonial Dutch.
The sultanate of Pasir Belengkong in East-Kalimantan with a lot of Bugis blood in it’s veins, was abolished in 1908 because of obstructuing cooperation with the Dutch of the sultan and chaos inside rule and dynasty.

The Pasir Sultanate entered into a contract with the Netherlands on 18 November 1850 under Sultan Mahmud Han.  The Sultanate of Pasir is one of the areas of leenplichtige landschappen in Afdeeling Pasir en de Tanah Boemboe by Staatblaad in 1898 no. 178.

Kingdoms on East Kalimantan

List of kings

Putri Di Dalam Petung   1516-xxxx
Aji Mas Anom Indra bin Aji Mas Pati Indra   1607–1644
Aji Anom Singa Amulana bin Aji Mas Anom Indra   1644–1667
Aji Perdana bin Aji Anom Singa Maulana Panembahan Sulaiman 1667–1680
Aji Duwo bin Aji Mas Anom Singa Maulana Panembahan Adam 1680–1705
Aji Geger bin Aji Anom Singa Maulana Sultan Aji Muhammad Alamsyah (Sultan Pasir I) 1703–1726
La Madukelleng La Madukelleng (Sultan Pasir, Arung Matoa Kerajaan Wajo, Bugis) 1726–1736
Aji Negara bin Sultan Aji Muhammad Alamsyah Sultan Sepun Alamsyah (Sultan Pasir II) 1738–1768
Aji Dipati bin Panembahan Adam Sultan Dipati Anom Alamsyah(Sultan Pasir III) 1768–1799
Aji Panji bin Ratu Agung Sultan Sulaiman Alamsyah (Sultan Pasir IV) 1799–1811
Aji Sembilan bin Aji Muhammad Alamsyah Sultan Ibrahim alamsyah 1811–1815
Aji Karang bin Sultan Sulaiman Alamsyah Sultan Mahmud Alamsyah 1815–1843
Aji Adil bin Sultan Sulaiman Alamsyah Sultan Adam Alamsyah 1843–1853
Aji Tenggara bin Aji Kimas Sultan Sepuh II Alamsyah 1853–1875
Aji Timur Balam Sultan Andurahman Alamsyah 1875–1880
  Sultan Muhammad Ali Alamsyah 1880–1897
Pangeran Nata bin Pangeran Dipati Sulaiman Sultan Sulaiman Alamsyah 1897–1898
Pangeran Ratu bin Sultan Adam Alamsyah Sultan Ratu Besar Alamsyah 1898–1900
Pangeran Mangku Jaya Kesuma Sultan Ibrahim Khaliluddin 1900–1906

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Silsilah Kerajaan Pasir

Palace of the kingdom: Istana Sadurangas

* Foto of the palace Paser: link

Istana Kerajaan Paser Belengkong was build in the 18th century by Sultan Ibrahim Khalilludin.

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