Kingdom of Lau / Prov. Sulawesi Selatan – Kab. Maros

The Kingdom of Lau is a kingdom on Sulawesi, District of Maros, province of south Sulawesi.

District of Maros

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History of the kingdom

Lau initially was a Kasullewatangan area (sultanate), which was founded in 1824 when troops of Bone were driven from the area of Maros. The government established four regional Kasullewatangan yaitu Lau’, Wara, Raya dan Timboro.
Furthermore La Mattotorang Daeng Mamangung was appointed to become Regent / Karaeng Lau. And in the whole region of Maros there were founded Regentschappen. When La Mattotorang Daeng Mamangung died, he was buried in Laleng Tedong. He got the posthumous of title Matinroe ri Laleng Tedong.

List of kings

1. La Mattotorang Daeng Mamangung Matinroe ri Laleng Tedong
2. La Tenrowang Daeng Pasampa Matinroe ri Manrimisi
3. La Rombo Muhammad Saleh Daeng Lullu Matinroe ri Kassikebo
4. Andi Pappe Daeng Massikki
5. Andi Abdullah

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History of the kingdoms in the Maros region

The Bungaya 1667/1669 Agreement between Sultan Hasanuddin Raja Gowa XVI and Admiral Cornelis Spelman turned out to have a major impact not only for the Kingdom of Gowa as an aggrieved party but also to bias the influence to other kingdoms including the kingdom around Gowa including Maros.

In the Bungaya Agreement (1667), Maros was designated as having direct rule from the Dutch so that the forms of government of the kingdoms in Maros were formulated in the form of Regentschaap led by local rulers of the Regent (Regent).
Around the XVII century in Maros Region and its surroundings were about 8 independent kingdoms. The kingdoms were:

NB: kerajaan = kingdom

* Kerajaan Simbang,
* Kerajaan Tanralili,
* Kerajaan Marusu,
* Kerajaan Bontoa,
* Kerajaan Lau,
* Kerajaan Turikale.

Map of kingdoms on South Sulawesi (incl. Maros), 1909

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– Sejarah kerajaan-kerajaan di Maros:
Sejarah kabupaten Maros:
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