Kingdom of Bolaang Itang / Prov. Sulawesi Utara – kab. Bolaang Mongondow Utara

The Kingdom of Kerajaan Bolaang Itang (17th century) was a kingdom of the Mongondow People; located in the district north Bolaang Mongondow, prov. north Sulawesi.

District north Bolaang Mongondow

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History of the kingdom of Bolaang Itang, 17th century

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The kingdom of Mokapog was the parent country, which later evolved into the three kingdoms, known as the kingdom of Kaidipang, kingdom of Bintauna, kingdom and later the Kingdom of Bolangitang.
Kaidipang kingdom was founded by Pugu pugu Maurits Datubinangkal Korompot, Bintauna kingdom was founded by Datu Solagu or Datunsolang.
The first king of the Kingdom Bolangitang was Salmon Muda Pontoh.

In the 19th century there were in the old Kabupaten of  Bolaang Mongondow five kingdoms.
The largest of the Kingdoms was Bolaang Mongondow. Then there was the kingdom of Bolaang Uki, in the 1850s  still called the Kingdom Bolaang (Bangka). Next the kingdom of Bintauna (Binta Oena), the Kingdom Bolaang Itam and the Kingdom Kaidipang
In 1912 the the kingdom of BolaangItang joined the kingdom of Kaidipang. The name of the new kingdom was the Kingdom of Kaidipang Besar.
The Kingdom of Kaidipang Besar (1912 – 1950), was governed by the first and last king, King Ram Suit Pontoh (RSPontoh).

Raja Ram Soeit Pontoh

List of Kings

* 1793-1823: Salmon Muda Pontoh, first king of Bolaang Itang, installed 21 November 1793
* 1863-1880: Israel Pontoh
* 1880: Israel Pontoh changed by Togupat Pontoh, who ruled only 8 months
* 1881-1882: Pade Pontoh
* 1882-1883: Suit Pontoh
* 1883-1907: Bonji Pontoh
* 1907-1909: Sinyo Pontoh as responsible
* 1909-1912: Suit Pontoh

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Raja Ram Soeit Pontoh

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Old maps

Map of Bolaang Uki, Bolaang Itang, Bolaang Mongondow and Kaidipang, 1894


Map of Gorontalo begin 20th century 

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