Kingdom of Bubohu / Sulawesi – prov. Gorontalo

The kingdom of Bubohu, 1750-1902, is located on Sulawesi, in the region of the city of Gorontalo, Provinsi Gorontalo.
Bubohu is a small Islamic kingdom led by 11 kings, and after that 1903 had been transformed into villages and villages within the administrative area of Gorontalo City and Gorontalo District.

City of Gorontalo

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About the king today (2020)

24 july 2019: Yosep Tahir Maruf, Paduka Yotama Uti Gorontalo XVII Sultan of Bubohu Kingdom died.

Yosep Tahir Maruf was a known person from Gorontalo who inspired many people to prioritize independence in building works. Yosep Tahir Maruf has worked with his ability to open the isolation of Bongo Village in Batudaa Pantai District and make his area the main tourism destination in Gorontalo Province. Bongo Village which was once the center of the local Bubohu kingdom.

Descendents king / crown prince from Bubohu and Parigi

History of the kingdom of Bubohu, 1750-1902

In Gorontalo there were several kingdoms in the past, one of which was the Bubohuyang kingdom, which was founded in 1750. Bubohu is a small Islamic kingdom led by 11 kings; since 1903 it has turned into villages and villages within the region.

Before the 17th century, Bubohu village that existed at that time, was a homogeneous and religious residential area, whose territory was divided into two, namely:
* Highland region, named Tapa Modelo (now a village of Tenilo and Dusun Wapalo)
* Lowland region, named Tapa Huota or Huwata (now an eastern hamlet, middle village and western hamlet).

In 1750, a king of Gorontalo from Tamalate (King of Ternate) visited Tapa Modelo, held meetings with the religious figures, traditional leaders and community leaders to formulate governance and territorial expansion and for the delegation of Tapa Modelo led by Hilalumo Amay.

Gorontalo, Bolaang Mongondow, Bintauna (begin 20th century ?) 

List of kings

Source (only indon. language)

– Website kerajaan Bubohu:
Desa Bubohu dan kerajaan Bubohu:

– Batu nisan raja ke-10 Bubohu Gorontalo yang diduga batu mulia:


Weapon of the kingdom


Tomb-stone of the 10th king of Bubohu


Tomb-stone of the 10th king of Bubohu

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