Kingdom of Bungku / Prov. Sulawesi Tengah – kab. Morowali

The Kingdom of Bungku is a kingdom of the Bungku People, located in Sulawesi, District of Morowali, prov of central Sulawesi.
Thus kingdom exists since the 17th century. Free from the sultanate of Ternate in 1900.

District of Morowali

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The king today (2018)

Queen of Bungku: Peapua Hajjah Andi Bau Husnul Ziadah Binti Peapua Achmad Hadie. Foto year 2010.

History of the kingdom

Bungku kingdom was conquered by Ternate troops (not yet known when it’s time). In 1682 it was taken over by Governor Padbrugge on behalf of the Dutch East India Company, with the aim of punishing the Sultan of Ternate for his rebellion against the Company’s rule. Prior to being taken over by the Dutch government, Bungku had a self-government.

In the beginning of the 20th century there were in the region of Central Sulawesi six kingdoms, namely the Kingdom of Poso, Kingdom of Napu, Mori Kingdom, Kingdom of Tojo, Una Una Kingdom, and Kingdom Bungku, which each other has nothing to do. The six kingdoms were originally under the influence of three kingdoms, namely the southern regions were subject to the Luwu Kingdom based in Palopo; the northern part was subject to the Sigi Kingdom domiciled in Sigi (Donggala County District), and; the eastern region, Bungku area, including the archipelago, was subject to the Kingdom of Ternate.

Map of Sulawesi 19th century

List of kings (Peapua)

  • c.1672 – …. Kacili Lamboja
  • …. – …. Sangian Kinambuga
  • …. – 1747 Kacili Surabi (died 1747)
  • 1747 – …. Foajianto
  • …. – …. Kacili Lamboja
  • …. – 1825 Kacili Papa (first time)
  • 1825 Ratu Boki Penesi (queen of Bungku)
  • 1825 – 1840 Kacili Dongke Kombi
  • 1840 – 1848 Kacili Papa (second time)
  • c.1848 – c.1851 Kacili Sadek
  • 1851 – 1873 Kacili Laman
  • 1873 – 1879 Kacili Moloku
  • 1880 – 1884 Majelis Perwalian Bungku
  • 1884 – 1907 Kacili Laopeke
  • 1907 – 1922 Putera Abdul Wahab (died 1925)
  • 1922 – 1925 Abdullah -(temporary)
  • 1925 – 1931 Ahmad Hadie (born 1884 – died 1965)
  • 1931 – 1937 Abdul Razak
  • 1938 – 1950 Abdul Rabbi (born 1904 – died 1974)

– Source: Wiki

Palace of the kingdom of Bungku

Source (only indon. language)

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Sejarah kerajaan Bungku:
– Sejarah kerajaan Bungku:
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King the 11th of Bungku


Last king of Bungku, 1941-1950


Raja Ahmad Hadie (1925-1931) was installed as King Bungku replacing King H. Putra Abdul Wahab, who died in Mecca while performing the Hajj.


King Abdurrabi- last king of Bungku, 1937-1971.


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