Kingdom of Selimbau / Prov. Kalimantan Barat

The kingdom of Selimbau: 600 – 1916 AD. Located in the district of Kapuas Hulu, prov. of West Kalimantan.

District of Kapuas Hulu

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About the king (2020)

Present Panembahan: Raden Muhammad Asbi Assidiqi

The Panembahan of Selimbau today (2018), Raden Muhammad Asbi Assidiqi, is the son of Raden Husin and he is the head of the dinasti of Selimbau since 2004. His son is born ca. 2007 and is called Raden Indra Jaya Negara.

History of the kingdom of Selimbau, 600 – 1916

The Selimbau kingdom was located in Kapuas Hulu district, West Kalimantan. At first the kings of Selimbau used the title of maharaja, but during the reign of the 19th king, Sri Paduka Pangeran Jaya Mangkunegara Abang Kunjan,  the title of the king was changed into ‘Sri Paduka Pangeran’. Selimbau kingdom ended in 1916 by the Dutch East Indies.

Selimbau is one of the Upper Kapuas stateletts and considered as one of the most important in the area. These are inland principalities in W-kalimantan. Other of such principalities (compared as Andorra with Spain) are Jongkong, Bunut, Piasa, Silat and Suhaid.
He is the grandson of the last ruling Panembahan.Until 1923 they were abolished as independent principalities, because considerd by the Dutch as to little.
Nowadays the peoples and the dynasties are trying to refind the local identity, with which they have some difficulty.

Relics of the kingdom of  Selimbau

List of kings

No Name Ruling
1 Raja Abang Bhindu with the title Guntur Baju Bindu Kilat Lambai Lalu 600 M
2 Raja Abang Lidi with the title Kyai Aji Lidi 600 – 650 M
3 Raja Abang Tedung I with the title Kyai Tedung 650 – 710 M
4 Raja Abang Jamal Megah Sari with the title Kyai Megat Sari 710 -780 M
5 Raja Abang Upak with the title Kyai Pati Agung Nata 780 – 850 M
6 Raja Abang Bujang with the title Kyai Natasari 850 – 920 M
7 Raja Abang Amal 920 – 980 M
8 Raja Abang Tela with the title Kyai Agung Jaya 980 – 1040 M
9 Raja Abang Para with the title Kyai Ira (Kyai Wira) 1040 – 1100 M
10 Raja Abang Gunung with the title Kyai Agung 1100 – 1150 M
11 Raja Abang Tedung II  with the title Kyai Suryanata 1150 – 1200 M
12 Raja Abang Idin with the title Kyai Agung Seri 1200 – 1250 M
13 Raja Abang Tajak with the title Kyai Suradila Sri Pakunegara 1250 – 1280 M
14 Ratu Dayang Payung with the title Ratu Suryanegera 1280 – 1300 M
15 Raja Abang Kina with the title Kyai Agung Natanegara 1300 – 1380 M
16 Raja Abang Keladi with the title Kyai Agung Cakra Negara 1380 – 1435 M
17 Raja Abang Sasap with the title Kyai Agung Kusuma Negara 1435 – 1490 M
18 Raja Abang Tela II with the title Kyai Pati Setia Negara 1490 – 1590 M
19 Pangeran Kujan with the title Pangeran Jaya Mangkunegarawith the title 1590 – 1640 M
20 Pangeran Muhammad Jalaludin with the title Pangeran Suta Kusuma 1640 – 1680 M
21 Abang Muhammad Mahidin with the title Raden Suta Negara 1680 – 1730 M
22 Panembahan Haji Gusti Muhammad Abbas Suryanegara 1730 – 1800 M
23 Panembahan Haji Muda Agung Pakunegara Gusti Muhammad Saleh 1800 – 1840 M
24 Pangeran Haji Muda Indra Sri Negara 1840 – 1880 M
25 Panembahan Gusti Muhammad Usman 1880 – 1925 M

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Panembahan H Gusti Muh Usman of Selimbau; 1902-23

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