Sultanate of Banua Tamiang / Sumatera – Prov. Aceh, Kab. Aceh Tamiang

The Sultanate of Banua Tamiang: 1330 – 1558. Located on Sumatera, Prov. of Aceh.
This kingdom exists since the 14th century.

Location of Aceh


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The Sultanate of Banua Tamiang was the oldest Islamic kingdom in Aceh, after the Sultanate of Perlak. There is not yet found  the source and definitive data about when the Islam came, and the way it developped.
Beginning of the 14th century a group of da”i (islamic preachers) was send to Tamiang by the Sultan of Samudra Pasai. The then ruling king, Po Dinok, did not support this coming of the group. He attacked the group, but lost his life. Sultan Muda Setia then was elected as the first Sultan (1330 – 1352).

After King Eumping Beusoe died, the Viceroy was appointed Viceroy to become King of the Islamic kingdom Banua with the title of Viceroy Seudia, as well as the first king of the Kingdom of Islam Banua (after the name was changed to the Islamic kingdom Tamiang), who ruled for 47 years, 1353-1398.
During the reign of Raja Muda, there was in 1377 agression of Majapahit, led by Patih Nala. The Majapahit army occupied the island of Kampai in Selat Malaka. Patih Nala sent messengers to the Viceroy Seudia, asking the King to hand over his daughter (Princess Lindung Bulan) to give to the king of Majapahit, Prabu Rajasanagara Hayam Wuruk.

List of kings

* 1330 – 1352: Sultan Muda Setia
* 1352 – 1369: Mangkubumi Muda Sedinu
* 1369 – 1412: Sultan Po Malat
* 1454 – 1490: Sultan Po Kandis
* 1490 – 1528: Sultan Po Garang
* 1528 – 1558: Pendekar Sri Mengkuta

Old maps of Sumatera

For old maps of Sumatera (1565, 1588, 1598, 1601, 1616, 1620, 1707, 1725, 1760), klik here

Sumatera, 1707

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