Sultanate of Banua (Benua) Tamiang / Sumatera – Prov. Aceh, Kab. Aceh Tamiang

The Sultanate of Banua (Benua) Tamiang: 1330 – 1558. Located on Sumatera, Prov. of Aceh, District Aceh Tamiang.
This kingdom exists since the 14th century.

District Aceh Tamiang, Prov. Aceh

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Kingdoms in the Tamiang / Aceh region

* Kerajaan Bukit Karang, century 10 – 1330
* Sultanate of Banua (Benua) Tamiang, 1330 – 1558
* Kerajaan Karang, 1558 – 1945
* Kerajaan Benua Tunu, 1558 – 1945
* Kerajaan Seruway, century 19 – 1945
* Kerajaan Bendahara, century 19 – 1945

History of the Sultanate of Banua Tamiang, 1330 – 1558

In 960, in the region of east Aceh, there already was a king in Tamiang country named Tan Ganda. This country was centered in Bandar Serangjaya, and was once attacked by King Indra Cola I, which caused Raja Tan Ganda to die. King Tan Ganda’s son, Tan Penuh managed to escape from the attack. When the region of Tamiang was safe, he moved the center of government to the interior, namely to Bandar Bukit Karang, near the Simpang Kanan River. Since that time the kingdom of Bukit Karang began to exist, with under the kings as follows:
1) Tan Penuh (1023-1044)
2) Tan Kelat (1044-1088)
3) Tan Indah (1088-1122)
4) Tan Banda (1122-1150)
5) Tan Penok (1150-1190).

After Tan Penok the Bukit Karang Kingdom was ruled by the Sulooh dynasty, with its kings as follows:
1) Raja Pucook Sulooh (1190-1256)
2) Raja Po Pala (1256-1278)
3) Raja Po Dewangsa (1278-1300)
4) Raja Po Dinok (1300-1330)

At the end of the reign of King Po Dinok (1330), a group of preachers sent by Sultan Ahmad Bahian Syah bin Muhammad Malikul Thahir (1326-1349) from Samudera Pasai arrived in Tamiang. The arrival of the preachers did not get a positive response from King Po Dinok. He attacked the group which caused himself to die on the battlefield. After the group of preachers entered Tamiang and carried out religious da’wah, many Tamiang people converted to Islam. Based on the agreement between Sultan Ahmad Bahian Syah and the aristocrats and people of Tamiang who had embraced Islam, Sultan Muda Setia was appointed as Sultan I of the Benua Tamiang Sultanate (1330-1352) to lead the country. He was the first king, who laid the foundations for the Sultanate of Banua Tamiang.
The sultanate of Banua Tamiang had the following kings:
Raja Muda Sedinu: 1352–1369
Raja Po Malad: 1369–1412
Raja Po Kelabu: 1412-1454
Raja Po Kandis: 1454-1483
Raja Po Garang: 1483-1528
Raja Pendekar Sri Mengkuta: 1528-1558

During the reign of Pendekar Sri Mengkuta, the Tamiang Kingdom was split into (1558) two small kingdoms, namely the kingdom of Karang and the kingdom of Benua Tunu.
These two kingdoms were each led by descendants of Raja Muda Sedia and Muda Sedinu.

The kingdom of Benua Tunu was built on the ruins of the City of Benua Raja, which was led by the King Gempa Alamsyah (1558 – 1588).
The kingdom of Karang was led by King Fromsyah (1588 – 1590) centered in Menanggini.
These two small kingdoms were subject to the Tamiang kingdom at Pantai Tinjau (Raja Pendekar Sri Mangkuta).

After Raja Sri Mangkuta died, during the reign of King Penita (1699 – 1700)  descendants of the King of Gempa Alamsyah, who ruled Benua Tunu and Raja Tan Kuala (1662 – 1699) a descendant of King Fromsyah ruled Negeri Karang

List of kings

* 1330 – 1352: Sultan Muda Setia
* 1352 – 1369: Mangkubumi Muda Sedinu
* 1369 – 1412: Sultan Po Malat
* 1454 – 1490: Sultan Po Kandis
* 1490 – 1528: Sultan Po Garang
* 1528 – 1558: Pendekar Sri Mengkuta

Old maps of Sumatera

For old maps of Sumatera (1565, 1588, 1598, 1601, 1616, 1620, 1707, 1725, 1760), klik here

Sumatera, 1707

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