Kingdom of Amfoan / Isl. of Timor – Prov. Nusa Tenggara Timur

The kingdom of Amfoan. Located on the island of Timor, district of Kupang, Prov. Nusa Tenggara Timur.
This kingdom exists since the 17th century.

District Kupang

Location Timor

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About the king today (2020)

The current head of the Dynasty is Robert Gordon Manoh, the Raja of Amfoan, who was installed on 27/9/2001.

History of the kingdom of Amfoan

Amfoan, a state in West Timor, was initially ruled as Sorbian (Sorbian is another name for Amfoan-Timau only) by the Kings of Taebenu in the 16th and early 17th centuries.
Thereafter, it was named Amfoan and split into two branches: Amfoan Naiklioe and Amfoan Timau.
The Raja of Amfoan Naikliu was only ruling the city of Naikliu together with the few villages around it, while the Raja of Amfoan Timau ruled the mountain or inland area. This separation was encouraged by the Dutch.
Since 1800 the 2 branches, but then united in 1910. After a short period only by ruler of Amfoan-Naiklioe, who was Talnoni : so-called adopted son of a previous ratu (woman).
The two separate Amfoan principalities were united under him and also the Amfoan-Timoe Raja. There were co-rulers and the Dutch united the areas.
His new dynasty and family was not recognised for obvious reasons by people anymore, one for not being royal and other reasons.

Map of kingdoms on Timor  1900

List of kings of Amfoan

  • Nai Toas (1683-after 1698)
  • Am Fo’an (?-1708)
  • Dom Manuel (1708-1718) [son]
  • Daniel (1718-1748) [uncle]
  • Bartolomeus I (1748-1776) [son]
  • Daniel Bartolomeus (1776-1783) [son]
  • Bartolomeus II Nai Toas (1783-1795) [brother]
  • Babneno (1795-?)
  • Jacob Bartolomeus (1800-1802)
  • Bartholomeus III (1802-1806)
  • Jacob Bartolomeus (1806-?) [brother]
  • Abi Aunoni (fl. 1829)
  • Manoh Aunoni (fl. 1832)
  • Neno (c. 1830s)
  • Fini Manoh Aunoni (before 1845-1850)
  • Willem Bartolomeus Manoh (1850-1858) [nephew]
  • Willem Sanu Aunoni (1858-1880) [son of Fini Aunoni]
  • Anna Elisabeth Aunoni (1881-1902) [granddaughter]
  • Willem Tafin Talnoni (1902-1914) [alleged uncle]
  • Soleman Willem Talnoni (1915-1921) [son]
  • Adreanus Talnoni (1922) [brother]
  • Mutis Oil Amanit (1923-1930)
  • Semuel Oil Amanit (1930-1943) [brother]
  • Willem Oil Amanit (1943-1948; died 1996) [son of Mutis Oil Amanit]
  • Semuel Oil Amanit (1948-1962, 2nd time).

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Timor in 1521

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Sejarah batas tanah antara Amfoan dan Fatuleu:
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Sejarah Amfoang:’an

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