Kingdom of Atinggola / Sulawesi – Prov. Gorontalo

The Kingdom of Atinggola was a kingdom of the Atinggola People. Located in the District of North Gorontalo, prov. Gorontalo, Sulawesi. Founded 16th century.

Prov. of Gorontalo

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History of the kingdom of Atinggola, founded 16th century

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The kingdom of Atinggola was founded in 1557.
The origins of the Atinggola are said to be derived from TernateMaluku region. In the past during the Dutch colonial occupation in Ternate, Atinggola tribe avoided the Dutch colonial army, they left Ternate, up with small boats and landed on the island to Lembeh. Because it did not feel comfortable in this place, they went and landed on the coast of the island of Sulawesi, and headed toward the village Inobonto.
On the way they passed Tuntung, Dalapuli, Buko and Tontulouw, located in North Sulawesi. They stopped at the estuary Andagile (Andagire). According to myth, at the mouth of this river there was once the kingdom of Ota Jin, ruled by the Jin, until today this place is known as Jin City.
Before the presence of the Atinggola people in this area, there has been a group of indigenous people who have settled in this area, they are descendants of Minahasa surnamed Mahengke. In this place they live side by side with these Minahasa people.

The tomb of Jubalo Blongkod is evidence of historical heritage of the Atinggola Kingdom in Monggupo Village. In the local language, the location of Jubalo’s grave is also called buido diti (small hill). In 1975 the Atinggola people named it Mount Keramat. (Photo: Rahmat Ali / banthayoid).
Historically, Jubalo Blongkod was a nobleman from the Atinggola Kingdom. Jubalo Blongkod is a daughter of the Gobel King of Blongkod, she once led the Atinggola kingdom.

List of kings Atinggola

  • Linugu (1500-1530)
  • Kalumata (1530-1550)
  • Pasila (1550-1570)
  • Dugia (koregen 1550-1570)
  • Mollaunt (1570-1580)
  • Gulomkon (1580-1620)
  • Timbangon (1620-1650)
  • Mokodite (1650-1670)
  • Langi (1670-1700)
  • Barend Dua’ulu (1700-1720)
  • Ansaliueta (1720-1747)
  • Adrian Patalima (1747-1768)
  • Dirk Kolongkodu (regent 1768-1774)
  • Biato
  • Nako (1800-1810; abdicated)
  • Gubul (1810-1820)
  • Kakatua (1820-1830)
  • Bolongkodu Humagi (1830-1840)
  • Iskandar Pamalo (1840-1841)
  • Bolongkodu Iskandar Mao Pangka (1841-1856)
  • Ba Ito (1856-1866).


Old maps of Sulawesi

For old maps (1606, 1633, 1683, 1700, 1757, 1872, abad ke-19): klik here

 Sulawesi and Maluku, 1683

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