Kingdom of Barombong / Prov. Sulawesi Selatan, Kab. Gowa

The kingdom of Barombong is located on, Kab. Gowa, kecamatan Barombong, prov. Sulawesi Selatan.

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King of Barombong

King(2014): Manurungi Karaengta Timbuseng of the kingdom of Barombong.

First at right: king of Barombong, 2014

About the kingdom

There is no information about this kingdom.

Rumah Adat – Community House of Barombong

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Rumah Adat – Community House(Balla Lompoa) of Barombong is measuring more than 150 meters bujursangakar. This House is a replica of the previous Ballalompoa, built by Anrongguru Barombong in 1915. Two buffalo horns mounted on the roof of the ridge is a distinctive feature of the friendly customs Ballalompoa Barombong.