The kingdom of Lamahala / Island of Adonara – Prov. Nusa Tenggara Timur

The kingdom of Lamahala was located on the island of Adonara, District Flores Timur, Prov. Nusa Tenggara Timur.

Location islands of Alor, Solor, Lembata, Pantar, Adonara

About the king today

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There are 3 kingdoms on the island of Adonara:
* Adonara,
* Terong and
* Lamahala.
These 3 kingdoms together with the 2 kingdoms on the island of Solor (Lamakera and Lohayong) are called Watan Lima. The descendents are supposed to be Bugis.

The history of Adonara is documented since the sixteenth century, when Portuguese traders and missionaries set up a post near the the island of Solor. At that time Adonara Island and surrounding islands were divided among coastal residents, known as Paji, and residents of the mountains called Demon.
The Paji easily accepted the Islam, while he Demon came under Portuguese influence. Adonara region belonged to the Paji and included three kingdoms, namely Adonara (centered on the northern coast of the island), Terong and Lamahala (on the south coast). Together with the two kingdoms on the island of Solor, Loyahong and Lamakera, they formed an alliance, called Watan Lema (“five beach”). Watan Lema cooperate with the VOC in 1613 and confirmed in 1646.
The Adonara kingdom itself often hostility by the Portuguese in Larantuka, Flores, and not always obeyed the Dutch. In the nineteenth century, the ruler in northern Adonara strengthend his position on Solor Islands; at that time, he also became the ruler of the eastern part of Flores and Lembata. Demon region stood under Larantuka royal power, which was under Portuguese rule until 1859, when they were handed over to the Netherlands. Larantuka and Adonara kingdom were abolished by the Indonesian government in 1962.


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