Kingdoms in Labuhanbatu / Prov. Sumatera Utara

District of Labuhanbatu

Provinsi of North Sumatera

The Government System of Labuhanbatu Regency prior to the Dutch colonialism was monarchical. The head of government was called Sultan and King, who was assisted by a man, who holds Treasurer, Bendahara Paduka Sri Maharaja and served as Head of Government per day (day like Prime Minister).

The Sultanate / kingdom in the Regency of Labuhanbatu at that time consisted of 4 (four) sultanates, namely:

1. Kesultanan Kota Pinang centered in Kota Pinang.
2. Kesultanan Kualuh centered in Tanjung Pasir.
3. Kesultanan Bilah centered in Negeri Lama.
4. Kesultanan Panai centered in Labuhan Bilik.

And also 1Half-bestuur -semi independent) kingdom Kerajaan Kampung Raja centered in Tanjung Medan.

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Sejarah kab. Labuhanbatu:

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