Kingdom of Indrajati / Prov. Sumatera Barat

The kingdom of Indrajati, 1100 – 1500. It was a kingdom before the sultanate of Indrapura. Located in Prov. of West Sumatera, District Pesisir Selatan.

District Pesisir Selatan.

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History of the kingdom of Indrajati

The kingdom of Indrajati was the second kingdom in the history of the sultanate of Indrapura.
There are four kingdoms in this history:
Kingdom of Air Pura,
– Kingdom of Indrajati, 1100 – 1500,
Sultanate of  Indrapura, 1500 – 1824,
– Era of Regent, 1824 – 1911,
– Revival of the sultanate in 2012.

List of kings Indrajati

1. Indrayana, a crown prince who fled from Srivijaya, because he changed his religion to become a Muslim.
2. Sultan Indrasyah Galomatsyah, son of Indrayana.

Dinasti Jamalul Alam:
1. Sultan Sri Maharajo Dirajo Muhyiddinsyah Sultan Muhammadsyah,
2. Sultan Sri Maharajo Dirajo Alamsyah,
3. Sri Sultan Firmansyah
4. Sultan Daulat Alamsyah,
5. Sultan Usmansyah Sultan Muhammadsyah (Tuanku Berdarah Putih),
6. Sultan Firmansyah Sultan Mandaro Putih with the title Tuanku Hilang di Parit,
7. Sri Sultan Muhammadsyah (Marah Muhammad Ali Akbar Sultan Muhammadsyah).

Dinasti lain:
1. Sultan Iskandar Alam Daulat,
2. Sultan Alam Mughatsyah, di Aceh ada Mughayatsyah.
3. Sultan Bagagar Alamsyah.
4. Sultan Usmansyah Sultan Muhammadsyah,
5. Sultan Jamal al-Alam Sultan Maradu Alamsyah, used again the title if Jamalul Alam
6. Sultan Alidinsyah
7. Sultan Samejalsyah desscendent of the the daughter of Gembalo Intan child of Sultan Alidinsyah raja Indrapura (1513).
8. Sultan Baridinsyah (1520),
9. Dang Tuanku Sultan Remendung(1520 – 1524, his grave is in Bukit Selasih Batangkapas.

Old maps of Sumatera

For old maps of Sumatera (1565, 1588, 1598, 1601, 1616, 1620, 1707, 1725, 1760), klik here

Sumatera, 1707

Source (only indon. language)

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