Kingdom of Pakunagara Hadiningrat / Prov. Jawa Tengah – Kab. Pati

Kasunanan (kingdom) of Pakunagara Hadiningrat is located on Jawa, Desa Pengging Wangi, District of Pati, Provinsi Jawa Tengah.

District of Pati

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About the kingdom

Pakunagara Hadiningrat Kasunanan was a kingdom on the island of Java, which was established in 1554, as a continuation of the Sultanate of Demak.
Pengging Wangi Village better known as Pakunagara Hadiningrat Kasunanan or Nagari Pakunagara Hadiningrat was a dependent state in the form of empire. The sovereignty and power of state governance shall be governed and carried out in accordance with the political agreement / contract made by the parent country together with the dependent country.

Pakunagara Hadiningrat Kasunanan is led by ISKGDAAS (Ingkang sinuhun Kanjeng Gusti Dyah Adipati Arya Suryo) Pakunagara IV or Kyai Amnan Turehan Tirtosari.

List of rulers
1. Raden Mas Sayidin atau Sunan Prabu Amangkurat Agung 1619-1677 (Amangkurat I (1646-1677))
2. Raden Mas Rahmat atau Sunan Prabu Amangkurat II 1641-1703 (Amangkurat II (1677-1703))
3. Raden Mas Sunan atau Sunan Prabu Amangkurat III 1665-1734(Amangkurat III 1703-1705))
4. Raden Mas/Bhree Dewongsho (Dewongsho I)
5. Raden Mas/Bhree Joyo Dewongsho (Dewongsho II)
6. Raden Mas/Bhree Suryo Dewongsho (Dewongsho III)
7. Raden Mas/Bhree Suro Dewongsho (Dewongsho IV)
8. Raden Mas/Bhree Ronggo Dewongsho (Dewongsho V)
9. Raden Mas/Bhree Noto kesumo Dewongsho (Dewongsho VI)
10. Raden Mas/Bhree Narendra Dewongsho (Dewongsho VII)
11. Raden Mas/Bhree Noto Negoro Dewongsho (Pakunagara I)
12. Raden  Mas/Bhree Tirto Dewongsho (Pakunagara II)
13. Raden Mas/Bhree Ingsan Sanadi (Pakunagara III)
14. Raden Mas/Bhree Amnan Turehan (Pakunagara IV)

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