The kingdom of Muko Muko / Sumatera, Prov. Bengkulu

The Kingdom of Muko Muko was located in District Mukomuko, province of Bengkulu, Sumatera. 14th Century.

District Mukomuko

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About the king

2 juni 2018
Sultan Bangsa, Sultan of Mukomuko Bengkulu with the title Tuanku Gulamatsyah II, died on June 2 2018. He was confirmed as the Chairman of the Pekal Great People in 2017.

29 juli 2017
Coronation of Pemangku Sultan Mukomuko Bengkulu with the title Tuanku Gulamatsyah II. The coronation was performed by the Sovereign King of Minangkabau Sultan Taufik Thaib. The Sultanate of Mukomuko has a close relationship with Pagaruyung Minangkabau Kingdom.

Sultan Mukomuko Bengkulu with the title Tuanku Gulamatsyah II

History of the kingdom of Muko Muko, 14th century

Before the arrival of foreigners to Bengkulu around the 14th century, in Bengkulu, there were already several established, among others Mukomuko.

In Mukomuko since 1772 there have been protests and the peasants always hold meetings against the British.
In 1798, the sultan of Mukomuko complained to Fort Marlborough about the atrocities of the British resident, John Campbell, and asked that the resident be stopped.

Thomas Raffles on June 4, 1818, abolished on June 4, 1818 the pepper cultivation system, which in fact was very burdensome to the people so that the people felt really exploited by company officials. The sultan of Mukomuko, the prince of Sungai Lemau and the prince of Sungai Hitam were made colonial government officials with a salary. Each family payd 1 Spanish dollar each year as compensation for clearing the cultivation system.

For the Mukomuko kingdom, the post of British residents was abolished and the royal government was handed over to the Sultan Mukomuko, Hidayat Syah (1789-1828), with 600 ringgit a month.

Sultan of Indrapura the-38th, Sultan Abdul Muthalib titled Sultan Taqdir Chalifatullah Syah, became regent of Muko-muko, until 1870.

List of Kings

The first king of Mukomuko was Raja Adil, the second king was Rajo mudo, the third king was Maharaja.

*1681 – 1761: Tuanku Paduko Sarie Maharaja, Sultan Gadam Sah
* 1761 – 1806: Tuanku Sultan Sarie Maharaja, Pasissir Barat Sah
* 1806 – 1833: Tuanku Sarie Maharaja Sultan, Chalipattullah Indijat Sah
* 1833 – 1836: Tuanku Sarie Maharaja Sultan, Hidaijat Tula Sah
* 1836 – 1859: Tuanku Sarie Maharaja Sultan, Takadir Chalipattullah Sah

Stempel kerajaan Muko Muko

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