Kingdom of KangaE / Isl. of Flores – Prov. Nusa Tenggara Timur

The kingdom of KangaE was locatad on the island of Flores, District Sikka, prov. Nusa Tenggara Timur. This kingdom existed already in the 10th century.

Location district of Sikka

Location island of Flores

Foto kingdoms on Flores

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About the king (2018)

King (2009): Moang Josef Blasius Mekeng
The raja-dynasty of KangaE now has 2 branches, whose chiefs are considered as co-dynastychiefs.
Moang Josef Blasius Mekeng is one of them.
– Source: kerajaan indonesia

Moang Josef Blasius Mekeng

Blasius - KangaE

History of the kingdom of KangaE

The kingdom of KangaE AradaE was a traditional kingdom, which Olang Bekor(place of origin) was in the region Meken Detun Wololaru Poma Pihak Watu Daring Mei Erin Blata Tatin, near Nuhan Ular Tana Loran (in the middle of the island of Flores, Sikka District Regional minus Muhan, Lio and PaluE plus Hewa).
AradaE KangaE kingdom was founded by Moan Bemu Aja, a descendant of King Rae, who originated from Bangladesh, and fled to Sumatra. In early 900, Moan Bemu Aja was one of those, who participated in the flotilla Raja Bala Putra Dewa from the kingdom of Sriwijaya. The fleet on its way stranded in Soda Otang Watumilok and for a time they were forced to inhabit Watumilok.
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Kingdoms on Flores, 17/18th century

Grave of king Nai

King Nai ruled the Kingdom of Kangae for 21 years (December 9, 1902-1923). After that, there was noking replaced him. The kingdom just vanished as it started.

Source English

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Source KangaE (only indon. language)

– Sejarah kerajaan KangaE:
Sejarah kerajaan KangaE:
Sejarah kerajaan KangaE:
KangaE jatuh ke tangan belanda:
– Tentang kerajaan KangaE:
Tentang Raja: kerajaan indonesia

Source History of Flores (only indon. language)

Kerajaan2 di Flores yang didirikan Hindia Belanda 1910-1918:
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Sejarah dan kebudayaan Suku Flores:
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Regalia of the kingdom of KangaE


Remains of the kingdom of Kangae


King of KangaE

Kings of Keo, Riung and KangaE

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