Kingdom of Bambapuang / Prov. Sulawesi Selatan – District Enrekang

The kingdom of Bambapuang is located in the province of Sulawesi Selatan, District of Enrekang.

District of Enrekang

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About the kingdom

Story below is from: Muh. Muchtar Ro-e

Google translation

The kingdoms in South Sulawesi know TOMANURUNG mentioned in the lontara. Tomanurung ruled in Bambapuang and resided at the top of Bambapuang mountain, the highest mountain in South Sulawesi. Dewata had sent  three Tomanurung as envoy to earth and they developed into big family.
The three Tomanurung were Tomanurung Wellangdilangi, Tomanurung Tamborolangi and Tomanurung Embongbulan (female) respectively.
The three Tomanurung as adults had  plans to live independently. One day they asked the Gods to help to leave the top of Bambapuang mountain and at the same time ask to be given the provision of life in the world and  Dewata decided as follows:
1. Tomanurung Wellangdilangi remained at the top of Bambapuang and was given the provision to live in a world of stale quick food (rice). Tomanurung Wellangdilangi married Maccirangka and this family is hereditary and is a family derivative of kings from Bugis Makassar and Mandar.
2. Tomanurung Tamborolangi was given the opportunity to leave the top of Bambapuang mountain and choose to go to the land of Matarikkallo / Tana Toraja; there married Sondabilik which has become a derivative of kings in Matarikkallo / Tana Toraja / Puang Makale.
3. Tomanurung Embongbulan / women was given the opportunity to leave the top of Bambapuang mountain and choose to cross the ocean and to Kaluppini there married Palippada and this is the derivatives of Sawerigading and kings in Luwu (Palopo).

Mount Bambapuang

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