Kingdom of Air Pura / Prov. Sumatera Barat

The kingdom of Air Pura was a kingdom in the history of Kesultanan Inderapura. Located on Sumatera, Kab. Pesisir Selatan, prov. Sumatera Barat.
This kingdom existed from the 9th-12th century.

District Pesisir Selatan

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History of the kingdom of Air Pura, 9th – 12th century

In the history of the sultanate of Indrapura, there are 4 periodes:

* Kerajaan Air Pura, 9th – 12th century,
* Kerajaan Indrajati, 1100 – 1500,
* Kesultanan Indrapura, 1500 – 1824,
* Era Regen, 1824 – 1911.

The history of the kingdom of Indrapura dates from AD 800, beginning with three villages:
Teluk Air Pura
Muara Campo
Air Puding.

The first king was Sri Sultan Zattullah ibn Sri Sultan Zulkarnain.
The name of the Kingdom of Indrapura was given by Sri Sultan Zattullah kerana based on the royal heritage of mustika stones, contained in the temple (pockets in clear water). Located at the mouth of the river surrounded by Mount Kerinci, Mount Patah Sembilan and a row of Bukit Barisan.
The government at that time was based on “Mati dibangun, luko dipapek” which means “life debt is paid life, debt is treasured property and hand is shredded shoulder carrying”.

2012: Revival of the Sultanate of Inderapura: installation of a new sultan: Youdhi Prayogo as Sultan Inderapura the 35th.

List of kings kingdom Air Pura

  1. Sultan Zatullahsyah
  2. Sultan Iskandar Johansyah, son of Zatullahsyah
  3. Sultan Maharaja Alif, son of Hidayatullahsyah
  4. Rajo Tuo, putra Gulumi or nephew Iskandar
  5. Sultan Ramadunsyah, child of Raja Tuo
  6. Sultan Bahrunsyah, child of Ramadunsyah
  7. Sultan Tarafal Bahilsyah, child of Bahrunsyah
  8. Tengku Dusi (Reno Jamilan), brother of Sri Indo Jalito
  9. Sultan Mansursyah, child of Tuno Suli and Reno Jamilan
  10. Sultan Inayatsyah, child of Reno Tuo and Hasan or nephew of Mansursyah.
  11. Sultan Khairullahsyah (Cindurmato), child of Kembang Bandari, grandchild of Gadis Jamilan
  12. Sultan Iskandar Bagagar Alamsyah, child of Hairullahsyah
  13. Sultan Firmansyah, child of Iskandar Bagagar Alamsyah
  14. Sultan Nurmansyah, child of Firmansyah
  15. Sultan Usmansyah, child of Firmansyah
  16. Sultan Muhamadsyah /Mardhu Alam, child of Nurmansyah
  17. Sultan Mohamadsyah (Ngoh –Ngoh), child of Hartini binti Sultan Usmansyah
  18. Sultan Muzafarsyah, child of Sarifah binti Sultan Usmansyah.

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