Kingdom of Poleang / Prov. Sulawesi Tenggara – Kab. Bombana

The kingdom of Poleang is a kingdom of the Moronene People. Located on Sulawesi, District Bombana, prov. Sulawesi Tenggara. This kingdom already existed in the 10th century.
The title of the king is Mokole.

District Bombana

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About the king today (2018)

26 des. 2017
Apua Mokole Nippon Muhammad Ali was installed as king of Poleang the-XXXIV.

History of the kingdom

Dendeangi was the younger brother of the King of Luwu, Sawerigading.
Sawerigading asked Dendeangi to establish a government along the territory he called. He also asked him to appoint several people who then had to be prepared to wait for his arrival.
Dendeangi entered the Moronene (Bombana) region, which was around the 9th century AD. It was then that Dendeangi marked his territory with his foot on the rock.
Dendeangi was later appointed to be the first Mokole (king) for the Moronene Kingdom.

By controlling a very large area, Dendeangi managed to rule for a long time and experienced a golden age. During the reign of Dendeangi, the Bombana kingdom was an open monarchy (apart from the interference of the Luwu kingdom). The luwu kingdom gave Mokole flexibility to manage its own territory without interference from the Luwu Kingdom.

In managing this vast territory, the Moronene Kingdom often faced threats from neighboring kingdoms. Finally, at the end of the 3rd Mokole reign, he divided his leadership area to protect the territory of his power to his heirs. During this difficult period, the Kingdom of Bombana was split into three kingdoms:
* Kingdom of Kabaena (ruled by Ratu Indaulu as Mokole Kabaena Ke-I or Raja Bombana IV),
* Kingdom of Rumbia (ruled by Ratu Tina Sio Ropa as Mokole Rumbia I or Raja Bombana IV), and
* Poleang Kingdom (ruled by King Ririsao as Mokole Poleang Ke-I or Raja Bombana IV).

The alliance of the three Bombana protectorate kingdoms (Rumbia, Poleang, Kabaena) with the Luwu kingdom is a permanent alliance because since the closeness of Kabaena and Buton, Rumbia and Poleang decided to join the Buton royal alliance (Cooperation). the cooperation is not binding to the rules of each kingdom.

26 des. 2017: Apua Mokole Nippon Muhammad Ali was installed as king of Poleang the-XXXIV.

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History of Poleang:
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Mokole Poleang, the late Mokole Intama Ali.


King of Poleang the-33. Mokole Muhammad Intama Ali

Mokole Kotua XII Anakoda Haji Muhammad Ali Titled Mbue Ntama Dama.


Mokole Intama Alie, king of Poleang, died 13 April 2013.

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