Kingdom of Bohorok / Prov. Sumatera Utara

The kingdom of Bohorok is located in prov. North Sumatra, District Langkat, kec. Bahorok. It is a historically Malay-Karo kingdom.
The kingdoms of Bohorok, Stabat and Binjai finally were united to form the kingdom of Langkat.
Bohorok Kingdom was established in the 16th century.

District Langkat

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About the kingdom

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Bohorok had previously been called Tanjung Melayu, the meeting point of two rivers.
Bohorok was involved in trade along the Wampu river, buying salt at Pangkalan Brandan from Melayu Kampar. Tengku Tan Deraman, son of Tengku Djukdin, son of Tengku Panji Sakar, son of Tengku Syahmardan, son of Sutan Husin, was the first to promote the processing of land for agriculture.
The Kingdom of Bohorok, Stabat and Binjai eventually were united to form the kingdom of Langkat., which became Langkat Regency under Dutch rule, and later under Indonesian rule.

Kingdoms in North Sumatera, 19th century

List of kings of Bahorok

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* Sutan Raja Husin
* Tengku Syahmardan bin Sutan Husin
* Tengku Panji Sakar bin Tengku Syahmardan
* Tengku Djukdin bin Panji Sakar
* Tengku Tan Deraman bin Tengku Djukdin
* Tengku Basir bin Tengku Djukdin, he ran anway in 1835 and was changed by:
* Tengku Tan Perang bin Tengku Djukdin
* Tengku Lengkong putra Tengku Tan Perang
* Tengku Hasyim, pendiri Bohorok masjid (1917), died 27 Mei 1935
* Tengku Bahagi, younger brother of Tengku Hasyim
* Tengku Saidi Husni, child in law of Tengku Hasyim
* Tengku Sembab, until liberation of Indonesia in 1945

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Old maps of Sumatera

For old maps of Sumatera (1565, 1588, 1598, 1601, 1616, 1620, 1707, 1725, 1760), klik here

Sumatera, 1707

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