Kingdom of Limboto / Sulawesi – prov. Gorontalo

Kingdom of Limboto is located on Sulawesi, provinsi Gorontalo, District Gorontalo.

District Gorontalo

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History of the kingdom

Before the colonial period of Gorontalo, the kingdoms were arranged according to the customary law.
The kingdoms were incorporated in a family bond, called “Pahalaá”. According to Haga (1931) in Gorontalo area there were 5 pohala’:

  • Pohala’a Gorontalo
  • Pohala’a Limboto
  • Pohala’a Suwawa
  • Pohala’a Boalemo
  • Pohala’a Atinggola
In the 15th century, the kingdom of Gorontalo and Limboto were ruled by a husband and wife, named King Wolanga and Queen Moliye. The time in Gorontalo and Limboto was not known by the single-kingdom monarchy institution known in the years since. The marriage between the leaders of these two kingdoms gave birth to a boy named Polamolo.
As Polamolo grew up, his parents (Moliye and Wolanga) intended to go to the Gulf of Tomini, to conquere several small kingdoms to increase the number of his people. The government of Gorontalo and Limboto was handed over to Polamolo. Thus he became the first king to rule the two kingdoms at once. Polamolo ascended the throne with the title “Olangia Mobalanga” meaning a moving monarch, the first seven days of reigning Gorontalo and seven other days in Limboto.
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Map of Gorontalo region, 1894

List of kings of Limboto

  • Tolangohula (1340-1360)
  • Jilonggowa (1360-1380)
  • Hulado (1380-1400)
  • Nggealo (1400-1420)
  • Tobuto (1420-1450)
  • Dataupapu (1450-1470)
  • Mitu (1470-1500)
  • Moito (1500)
  • Puluhulawa (1500-1525).


Jogugu of Limboto- Soeradjah Olii. Ruled 1886-1905. Source – aba Golu Gobel, FB

Source (only indon. language)
Sejarah wilayah Gorontalo (Limboto):
– Sejarah wilayah Gorontalo (Limboto):
– Sejarah wilayah Gorontalo:
– Tentang kerajaan Limboto:
– Pertengkaran antara kerajaan Gorontalo dan Limboto:

Third from left: Jogugu of Limboto: Ayuba Wartabone. Source foto: Beranda museum sejarah Gorontalo.


Grave of Yoesoef H. Olii, Jogugu Limboto, born 1877, died 1941

Jogugu of Limboto: Soeradjah Olii. Ruled 1886-1905


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