Kingdom of Poso / Prov. Sulawesi Tengah – Kab. Poso

The kingdom of Poso was located on Sulawesi, in the District Poso. Prov. Central Sulawesi.

District Poso

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About the king today (2020)

There is no information about the king or descendents today.

King of Poso: Talasa. Sumber: Pramaartha Pode‎, fb

History of the kingdom

About the early history of the kingdom, there is no information.

At first people, who lived in the area of Poso, were under the authority of the Government of kings, who consisted of the Kings Poso, Napu, Mori, Tojo, Una Una and Bungku.

These six kingdoms were under the influence of three kingdoms, namely:
Southern Region was subject to the Luwu Kingdom, domiciled in Palopo,
Northern Territory was subject to the King of Sigi, domiciled in Sigi (Regional Donggala),
Eastern Region, which includes the islands Bungku area, was subject to the Kingdom of Ternate.
Since 1880 the Dutch government in Northern Sulawesi begun to dominate South Sulawesi and gradually was trying to remove the influence of the King of Luwu and King of Sigi in Poso area.
In 1905 – 1918 the region of Poso was divided by the dutch into two areas:
Residency of Manado area, as Onderafdeling (kewedanan) Kolonodale and Bungku, while the kings retained their authority as Bestuure SelfGabieden.

Part of Central Sulawesi (incl. Poso)  1909

List of kings
1919-1947: Mokole Talasa,  Raja Posso VIII

1947-1985: Raja Posso ke IX

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