About the Mukim in Aceh

A Mukim is formed from at least four gampong. Each mukim is led by a Uleebalang or a Imuem. Some mukim formed a “Nanggroe” led by Uleebalang.
In the former Aceh Sultanate, in Aceh Besar and surrounding, a mukim federation was called Sagoe Mukim or Sagi Mukim was formed. This Federation is also called Aceh Lhèè Sagoë.
Mukim Sagoe was led by a Commander Sagoe or Panglima Sagi.

There were three Sagoe Mukim:
* Sagi XXV Mukim, formed from 25 Mukim.
* Sagi XXVI Mukim, formed from 26 Mukim.
* Sagi XXII Mukim, formed from 22 Mukim.

Sagi XXV Mukim and Sagi XXVI Mukim area were separated by Krueng Aceh.
Sagi XXV Mukim is on the left side and centered in the Indrapurwa Pancu mosque.
Sagi XXVI Mukim is on the right side and centered in Ladong mosque.
Sagi XXII Mukim dominates the area in the south and was centered on the Indrapuri mosque.

– Source: https://id.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mukim_(Aceh)


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