Kingdom of Tiworo / Prov. Sulawesi Tenggara – Kab. Muna

The kingdom of Tiworo is located on Sulawesi, District of Muna, prov. of South East Sulawesi.

District of Muna

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About the king

King of Tiworo: Omputo Sangia Sidamangura II La Ode Soleh Mangkauwany. Foto 2017.

History of the kingdom

The Kingdom of Tiworo was a kingdom under the sultanate of Buton. In Southeast Sulawesi there were several kingdoms, as Buton Kingdom, Konawe Kingdom, Mekongga Kingdom, Tiworo Kingdom and Kaledupa Kingdom. Some other information also mentioned the existence of the Kingdom of Kabaena, Kingdom Poleang and Kulisusu. There are several opinions, which state that prior to the founding of the Muna kingdom, to the northwest of the island of Muna there was the Tiworo kingdom. Tiworo Kingdom was once involved in a war with the Muna Kingdom during the reign of the king of La Ode Husein (Omputo Sangia) due to political devide et impera by the Dutch (Dutch sheep race politics). After that, the Kingdom of Tiworo emerged again after Omuto Sangutu’s grandson (Wa Ode Kadingke) established the Tiworo Sultanate to defeat King Muna La Ode Sumaili.

Benteng (fortress) of Tiworo

The fortress of Tiworo is located in Tiworo village of Muna district. Historically, the fortress of Tiworo was built in the 16th century by King Muna, La Ode Asmana. This fortress was made from stone material raised by the community in a way along 150 kilometers long. The stones used to make the Tiworo Fort were imported from Lokawoghe located in the old part of Tongkuno Village.

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