Kingdom of Marusu (Maros) / Prov. Sulawesi Selatan – Kab. Maros

The kingdom of Marusu is a kingdom in prov. South Sulawesi, Maros Regency, north of Makassar.
The Marusu Kingdom is a kingdom that was once established in the Maros Regency area. The founder of this kingdom was Karaeng Loe Ripakere in the 15th century.

District Maros

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The king today 

King today (2020): King Marusu the 24th: Andi Waris Karaeng Sioja.

History of the kingdom

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Around the 15th century there was a king, who was believed to be a Tumanurung titled “Karaeng Loe Ri Pakere”.
Based on the lontara Patturioloanna tu marusuka, he had no offspring and the name of his wife was also unknown, but in lontara was mentioned, that he had a adopted daughter who was also a Tumanurung titled Tumanurunga ri moor. who was married with a tumanurung from Luwu area titled “Tumanurung Ri Asa’ang and gave birth to a son named I Sangaji Ga’don,g who after adult ascended the throne and became karaeng Marusu II replacing Karaeng Loe ri Pakere.

Marusu kingdom coexisted peacefully with the neighboring kingdoms such as Gowa, Bone, Luwu and so on. Things changed as the Dutch colonial colonial intervention entered. The kingdom of Gowa / Tallo under the government of I Mallombassi dg Mattawang Karaeng Bonto Mangngape ‘Sultan Hasanuddin was defeated by Dutch company under the leadership of Admiral Speelman.

Upon his defeat, King Gowa, Sultan Hasanuddin was forced to sign a peace agreement on 18 November 1667 called “Cappaya Ri Bungaya” or “Bungaya Agreement“.
In the year 1700, precisely during the reign of Kare Yunusu Sultan Muhammad Yunus Karaeng Marusu VII the Marusu kingdom no longer became an independent kingdom but became a Dutch colony in the form of “regentschap” where the king Marusu is a king without a crown (onttrondevorsteen).

Map of kingdoms on South Sulawesi (incl. Maros) 1909

List of kings

After the period  KaraEng LoE ri Pakere, Marusu was ruled by:

1. La Mamma Daeng Marewa Tunibatta Matinroe ri Samanggi
2. La Tifu Daeng Mattana Matinroe ri Marusu
3. La Mappalewa Daeng Mattayang Matinroe ri Karaso
4. La Manyandari Daeng Paranreng Matinroe ri Campagae
5. La Mallawakkang Daeng Pawello Matinroe ri Kuri
6. La Surulla Daeng Palopo Tumenanga ri Bundu’na
7. I Mappasossong Daeng Pabundu Matinroe ri Kassikebo
8. 1897-1923: I Pake Daeng Masiga Karaeng Ilanga Matinroa ri Masigi’na
9. 1923-1944: Haji Abdul Hafid Daeng Ma’ronrong
10. Muhammad Tajuddin Daeng Masiga

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The palace: Balla Lompoa Marusu

Balla Lompoa Maros is the Palace of the Marusu kingdom and also the residence of Karaeng Marusu and his family. This hundred year old house is one of the cultural heritages that needs to be preserved in Maros Regency.
December 2016: Culture Director General of the Ministry of Education and Culture together with the Marusu royal party, Vice Regent Maros Harmil Mattotorang inaugurated the traditional house of Balla Lompoa, after being renovated.

History of the kingdoms in the Maros region.

The Bungaya 1667/1669 Agreement between Sultan Hasanuddin Raja Gowa XVI and Admiral Cornelis Spelman turned out to have a major impact not only for the Kingdom of Gowa as an aggrieved party but also to bias the influence to other kingdoms including the kingdom around Gowa including Maros.

In the Bungaya Agreement (1667), Maros was designated as having direct rule from the Dutch so that the forms of government of the kingdoms in Maros were formulated in the form of Regentschaap led by local rulers of the Regent (Regent).
Around the XVII century in Maros Region and its surroundings were about 8 independent kingdoms. The kingdoms were:

NB: kerajaan = kingdom

* Kerajaan Simbang,
* Kerajaan Tanralili,
* Kerajaan Marusu,
* Kerajaan Bontoa,
* Kerajaan Lau,
* Kerajaan Turikale.

Source (only indon. language)

– Sejarah kerajaan Marusu:
Sejarah kerajaan Marusu:
– Sejarah kerajaan Marusu:
Daftar raja Marusu:

Sejarah kerajaan di Maros:
– Sejarah kerajaan di Maros:
– Sejarah kerajaan di Maros:

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