Pemecutan, Puri Agung Pemecutan / Bali

The palace of Puri Agung Pemecutan, exists since 1686. Located in Denpasar, jl. Thamrin, prov. Bali.

Location Pemecutan, city of Denpasar

Location of Bali

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About the king

Cokorda (king) 2017: Ida Cokorda Pemecutan XI, A.A. Ngurah Manik Parasara.

History of Puri Agung Pemecutan, since 1686

The royal house of Pemecutan was one of the most influential families during the feudal era in Denpasar. Alongside the Denpasar and Kesiman royal houses, Pemecutan ruled the area that in present-day Bali is known as Denpasar, as well as parts of Badung regency. The three royal houses lost their military power after suffering a paralyzing defeat in the 1906 battle, known locally as Puputan (battle to the last stand), in which the leaders of the three families and a large number of their loyal soldiers perished under a continuous salvo from the technologically superior Dutch military expedition.

Despite the military defeat and the emergence of the Republic of Indonesia, which put an end to the feudal rule of the royal families, the descendants of the houses still wield substantial political, social and cultural influence over Denpasar’s residents.


List of kings

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– 1660-1683: Kiyai Arya Bebed/ Kiyai Anglurah Pemecutan I,/ Kiyai Jambe Pule / Nararya Gede Raka/ Cokorda Pemecutan I.
– 1683-1718: Kiyai Macan Gading/ Bhatara Mur Ring Watu Klotok / Kiyai Angluran Pemecutan II / Cokorda Pemecutan II.
– 1718-……..: Ida Bhatara Maharaja Sakti / Kyai Angluran Pemecutan III/ CokordaPemecutan III.
– 1813-1840: I Gusti Ngurah Pemecutan / Kyayi Angluran Pemecutan IV / Arya NgurahMecutan Ukiran.
– Sang Arya Mecutan Bhija/ Kiyai Anglurah Pemecutan V.
– …….-1813: Arya Ngurah Gede Raka / Arya Ngurah GedeMecutan/ Kiyayi Anglurah Pemecutan VI.
Arya Ngurah Gede Raka/ Arya Ngurah gede Mecutan/ Kiyai Agung Gde Raka installed as Kiyai Anglurah Pemecutan VI replacing his father’s position as King in Puri Pemecutan.
– 1813-1829: Kiyai Anglurah Pemecutan VII / Kyai Anglurah Muring Gedong
Kiyai Anglurah Pemecutan VII replacing his father’s position as King of Puri Pemecutan. Kiyai Anglurah Pemecutan VII did not have a son so to control the course of government after he died in entrusted to his two daughters of Queen Istri Adi / Sagung Adi and Ratu Istri Oka / Sagung Oka.
– 1840-1851: Kiyayi Angurah Pemecutan VIII / Kyayi Agung Gde Oka / Kyayi Anglurah Muring Madarda
Kiyai Angluran Pemecutan VIII replacing his in-laws’ position Angluran Pemecutan VII as king of Puri Agung Pemecutan 1840 – 1851 M.
– 1851-1906: Kiyayi Anglurah Pemecutan IX /Kiyayi Ngurah Agung Pemecutan.
With the death of Kiyai Anglurah Pemecutan VIII because he doesid not have sons; then the throne of Puri Agung Pemecutan became empty. If seen from the lineage, the right to fill the void is from Puri Kanginan Pemecutan as already executed at the time of coronation Kiyai Anglurah Pemecutan VII originating from Puri Kanginan. The one who still lived in Puri Kanginan is the sister of Kiyai Anglurah Pemecutan VIII that is Kiyai Agung Lanang Pemecutan.
– Ida Cokorda Ngurah Gde Pemecutan / Kiyayi Anglurah Pemecutan X.
On October 28, 1939 the 5th Purnama Ida Cokorda Ngurah Gde Pemecutan Abiseka Ratu replaced King Pemecutan IX who died on the heroic events Puputan Badung on Thursday 20 September 1906 at 16.00.
– Ida Cokorda Pemecutan XI / A.A. Ngurah Manik Parasara, SH.
With the death of Kiyayi Agung Gede Lanang Pemecutan on Monday 8 January 1962 and the death of Kiyayi Anglurah Pemecutan X / Ida Cokorda Ngurah Gde Pemecutan on March 17, 1986 then there was a leadership vacuum for citizens Ageng Pemecutan.

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Puri (palaces) on Bali

Puri on the island of Bali is the name for the residence of Balinese aristocrats, especially those who are still close relatives of Balinese kings. Based on the system of division of triwangsa or caste, the castle is occupied by aristocrats who are knights.

Puri on Bali are ruled by a descendant of the king, who is generally elected by the puri kinship institution. The leader of the puri, who is generally the leader of the puri kinship institution, is usually referred to as the Penglingsir or Pemucuk. The royal descendants can be identified by the titles in their names, for example Ida I Dewa Agung, I Gusti Ngurah Agung, Cokorda, Anak Agung Ngurah, Ratu Agung, Ratu Bagus and others for men; as well as Ida I Dewa Agung Wife, Dewa Ayu, Cokorda Wife, Anak Agung Wife, and others for women.

Puri Agung Pemecutan

Pura (temples) on Bali

A pura is a Balinese Hindu temple and the place of worship for adherents of Balinese Hinduism in Indonesia. Pura’s are built in accordance with rules, style, guidance and rituals found in Balinese architecture. Most pura’s are found on the island of Bali, where Hinduism is the predominant religion; however many puras exist in other parts of Indonesia where significant numbers of Balinese people reside. Mother Temple of Besakih is the most important, largest and holiest temple in Bali.
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Besakih Temple is a temple complex in the village of Besakih on the slopes of Mount Agung in eastern Bali. It is the most important, the largest and holiest temple of Hindu religion in Bali, and one of a series of Balinese temples.

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