Kingdom of Bontoa / Prov. Sulawesi Selatan – Kab. Maros

The Kingdom of Bontoa was a kingdom in the District of Maros, prov. South Sulawesi.
The title of the king is Karaeng. 16th Century.

District of Maros

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About the king

Last king: Karaeng (king) Bontoa: Andi Mohammad Yusuf Dg Mangngawing Karaeng Bontoa XXII.

Andi Mohammad Yusuf Dg Mangngawing Karaeng Bontoa XXII

History of the kingdom of Bontoa, 16th century

The major expansion of Gowa since the reign of Karaeng Tumapakrisika Kallonna, King of Gowa IX, changed political geography of the map of South Sulawesi region. The Marusu kingdom, which used to be an independent and sovereign kingdom, became directly under the domination of Gowa. There was no significant resistance during the attack of Gowa to the north. The most northern region, Marusu, Bontoa bordering with Binanga Sangkara, Barasa region (Pangkajene) were easily conquered during the reign of King of Gowa X, Karaeng Tunipalangga. I Manriwagau Daeng Bonto Karaeng Lakiung Tunipallangga Ulaweng, King of Gowa X (1546-1565) sent I Mannyarrang, a nobleman of Bangkala, son of I Pasairi Daeng Mangngasi Karaeng Labbua Tali Bannangna, Karaeng of Bangkala to be Karaeng maggau’ in the region.

Map of kingdoms on South Sulawesi (incl. Maros), 1909

List of kings

1. I Mannyarang, Karaeng Bontoa I
2. I Mannyuwarang, Karaeng Bontoa II
3. I Daeng Siutte, Karaeng Bontoa III
4. I Daeng Mangnguntungi, Karaeng Bontoa IV
5. I Pakandi Dg Massuro, Karaeng Bontoa V

6. I Pandima Dg Malion, Karaeng Bontoa VI
7. I Daeng Tumani, Karaeng Bontoa VII
8. I Mangngaweang Dg Manggalle, Karaeng Bontoa VIII
9. I Reggo Dg Mattiro, Karaeng Bontoa IX
10. I Parewa Dg Mamala, Karaeng Bontoa X

11. I Sondong Dg Mattayang, Karaeng Bontoa XI
12. I Baoesad Dg Sitaba Karaeng Tallasa, Karaeng Bontoa XII
13. I Bambo Dg Matekko (Petta Tekko), Karaeng Bontoa XIII
14. Andi Radja Dg Manai (Hoof District), Karaeng Bontoa XIV dan XVI
15. Abdul Maula Intje Djalaluddin (Hoof District), Karaeng Bontoa XV

16. Andi Muhammad Dg Sisila (Hoof District), Karaeng Bontoa XVII dan XIX
17. Andi Djipang Dg Mambani (Hoof District), Karaeng Bontoa XVIII dan XX
18. Andi Radja Dg Manai Karaeng Loloa (Hoof District), Karaeng Bontoa XXI
19. Andi Muhammad Yusuf Dg Mangngawing (Hoof District), Karaeng Bontoa XXII (Karaeng Bontoa Terakhir)

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Grave of the kings of Bontoa

Graves of the Karaeng (king) of Bontoa in Bontoa.

History of the kingdoms in the Maros region.

The Bungaya 1667/1669 Agreement between Sultan Hasanuddin Raja Gowa XVI and Admiral Cornelis Spelman turned out to have a major impact not only for the Kingdom of Gowa as an aggrieved party but also to bias the influence to other kingdoms including the kingdom around Gowa including Maros.

In the Bungaya Agreement (1667), Maros was designated as having direct rule from the Dutch so that the forms of government of the kingdoms in Maros were formulated in the form of Regentschaap led by local rulers of the Regent (Regent).
Around the XVII century in Maros Region and its surroundings were about 8 independent kingdoms. The kingdoms were:

NB: kerajaan = kingdom

* Kerajaan Simbang,
* Kerajaan Tanralili,
* Kerajaan Marusu,
* Kerajaan Bontoa,
* Kerajaan Lau,
* Kerajaan Turikale.

Source (only indon. language)

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Andi Radja Krg Nai Karaeng Loloa. Karaeng Bonto XXI


Grave of I Bambo Petta Tekko Karaeng Bontoa XIII.


Grave of Andi Djipang Dg. mambani KaraEng Bontoa XVIII -XX.


Complex graveyard Karaeng Bontoa di Bontoa.


Grave I Baoesat Dg Sitaba Karaeng Tallasa_ Karaeng Bontoa XII.

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