Kingdom of Tallo / Prov. Sulawesi Selatan – Kab. Gowa

The kingdom of Tallo (15th century – 1856) was located in south Sulawesi; District Gowa, prov. South Sulawesi.
In the late 1530s or early 1540s, the kingdom of Gowa won the war against the kingdom of Tallo and its allies. The kingdom of Gowa became the most dominant kingdom and was recognized as an elder brother by the Tallo kingdom.

District Gowa

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About the king
Present Sultan (2014): Raja Tallo the 19th, I Paricu Muhammad Akbar Amir Sultan Aliyah Dg Manaba Karaeng Tanete.

Facts of history

* bf.1500:  Tallo state founded.
* 13 May 1668:  Dutch protectorate.
* 1777 -1780:  Administrative chaos under Sankilang.
* 2 Aug 1780:  State interrupted by Netherlands colonial government.
* 1811:  Interruption continued under British colonial government.
* 23 Jun 1814:  Independence recovered.

History of the kingdom of Tallo
In South Sulawesi in the 16th century there were several Hindu kingdoms, among them Gowa, Tallo, Bone, Sopeng, Wajo and Sidenreng. Each kingdom formed alliances according to their choice.
The kingdoms of Gowa and Tallo formed an alliance in 1528, giving birth to an empire that is better known as the kingdom of Makassar. Makasar was the name of the capital of the kingdom of Gowa.
After the alliance of Gowa Tallo, the king of Gowa, Daeng Manrabia, became King of Gowa Tallo, and Karaeng Matoaya became prime minister (governor) with the title of Sultan Abdullah.
The most famous king of this kingdom was Sultan Hasanuddin, who fought the Makasar War (1666-1669) against the VOC, assisted by the kingdom of Bone, which was ruled by Arung Palakka. Makassar war was the biggest war ever done by the VOC in the 17th century. Eventually the Dutch conquered the royal capital of Makassar. And it forced Makasar to sign the 1667 Treaty of Bongaya in 1667.
Although the agreement has been held, the resistance of Makasar against the Dutch continued. Even after the replacement of Sultan Hasanuddin by Mapasomba (son Hasannudin) the resistance against the Dutch continued.
To deal with the resistance of the people of Makassar, the Dutch send a large army. Finally the Netherlands could take full control of the kingdom of Makasar.
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A geopolitical map of South Sulawesi around 1590, depicting the division of the peninsula between Gowa-Talloq and the Tellumpocco alliance

List of kings


  • Karaeng Loe ri Sero’ mid-15th century
  • Tunilabu ri Suriwa (putera) c. 1500
  • Tunipasuru’ (putera) ?-c. 1540/43
  • I Daeng Padulu (putera) 1540/43-1576
  • I Sambo (puterputerai) 1576-90
  • Tunipasulu’ (son) 1590-1593
  • Karaeng Matowaya, Abdullah (paman) 1593-1623
  • Karaeng Kanjilo, Muzaffar (putera) 1623-1641
  • Karaeng Patingalloang (saudara) 1641-1654
  • Harunarrasyid (putera Karaeng Kanjilo) 1654-1673
  • Abdul Qadir Mappajanji (putera) 1673-1709
  • Sirajuddin Mappaurangi (putera) 1709-1714
  • Najmuddin I Manrabia (putera) 1714-1729
  • Sirajuddin Mappaurangi (second time) 1729-1739
  • Safiuddin Karaeng Limpangang (putera) 1739-1760
  • Tu Timoka (cucu Najmuddin) 1760-1761
  • Abdul Qadir Karaeng Majannang (cucu Karaeng Patingalloang) 1761-67
  • Sitti Saleh I (Ratu dari Taeng) 1767-1777
  • interregnum 1777-1814
  • Sitti Saleh II (puteri Safiuddin) 1814-1824
  • Abdul Rauf Karaeng Limbangparang (saudara) 1824-1825
  • I Kumala Abdul Kadir (putera) 1825
  • La Odanriu Karaeng Katangka (paman) 1825-1845
  • Aisyah (sister) 1845-1850
  • La Makkarumpa Daeng Parani (cucu La Odanriu) 1850-1856

Graveyard of the kings of Tallo

The Tombs of the Tallo Kings are located in Tallo village, Tallo district, about 7 kilometers from the north of the city of Makassar.
This tomb complex was built around the 17th century and is the burial place of Tallo Kings of the 17th century until the 19th century.

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