Kingdom of Silou / Prov. Sumatera Utara – Kab. Simalungun

The Kingdom of Silou was a kingdom of the Simalungun People. It was located on Sumatera, District of Simalungun, prov. North Sumatera. This kingdom existed 1300-1400.

District of Simalungun

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History of the kingdom of Silou, 1300 – 1400

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History 1: The kingdom of Silou (The Simalungun Tribe) was one of the oldest and largest kingdoms in East Sumatra. It was the successor of the kingdom of Nagur which changed its name to Nagur Bolag Silou with the form of a confederation state. By the influence of the confederation of Aceh there appeared four independent kingdoms: Silou, Panei, Siantar, and Batang iou (Tanoh Jau, which later became the Land of Java).
The split within Silou’s empire led to the emergence of four new smaller powers: Dolog Silou, Silimakuta, Purba and Raya.
Thus there were seven kingdoms in Simalungun until the Dutch occupation of Dolog Silou, Silimakuta, Purba, Raya, Panei, Siantar and Tanah Java.

History 2: The kingdom of Silou was one of the ancient kingdoms in Simalungun which existed after the Nagur Kingdom. Like the Nagur, the Kingdom of Silou existed for many centuries, expanding its territory, the kingdom seized parts of the Kingdom of Batangiou and Nagur.
The existence of the Silou Kingdom is characterized by the artifacts, the tombs of the kings of Silou, in the subdistrict Raya is very much found.
The kingdom of Silou was destroyed. Kerakit, Dolog Sinumbah, Pardagangan, and Indra Pura were burnt down by Majapahit troops. The Sinaga clan group, hostile to the Silou Kingdom, took advantage of this incident, they headed for Silou’s Kingdom to plunder the treasury as well as occupied the kingdom. On the ruins of the Silou Kingdom, they established the Tanoh Jawa Kingdom, using the name they regarded as the heirs of Indrawarman.
(Other Source) In the 14th century civil war broke out in the Silou Kingdom among fellow sons of Silou king. Then appeared the Kingdoms of Panei and Dologsilou from the clans Purba Sidasuha and Purba Tambak Lombang.

Kingdoms on North Sumatera, 19th century

History of the kingdoms in the Simalungun area

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In its history there are 3 (three) phases of kingdoms, that once ruled and reigned in Simalungun.
The first phase is the two kingdom phase (harajaon na dua):

NB: Marga = Clan

* Kingdom of Nagur (marga Damanik) dan
* Kingdom of Batanghio (marga Saragih).

The second phase is the phase of 4 kingdoms:

* Kingdom of Siantar (marga Damanik),
* Kingdom of Panai (marga Purba Dasuha),
* Kingdom of Silau (marga Purba Tambak), dan
Kingdom of Tanoh Jawa (marga Sinaga).

The third phase is the phase of 7 kingdoms:

* Kingdom of Siantar (marga Damanik),
Kingdom of Panai (marga Purba Dasuha),
* Kingdom of Silau (marga Purba Tambak),
Kingdom of Tanoh Jawa (marga Sinaga),
Kingdom of Raya (marga Saragih Garingging),
Kingdom of Purba (marga Purba Pakpak) dan
* Kingdom of Silimakuta (marga Purba Girsang) (Damanik, 2010:1-2).

This third phase begins with the actions of the Dutch government to form a government in the Simalungun region, by treating Belsuit Governor General of the Dutch East Indies Stbl. No 531 of 1906 with the arrangement of seven Kingdoms, called “Napal Kings”.

District Simalungun today with the boundaries of the old kingsoms


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