The Tuanku Laras of the Minangkabau

TUANKU LARAS was a title introduced by the to control the Minangkabau community. The title lareh, or larashoofd in Dutch, was quite prestigious in Minangkabau in colonial times. Those choosen to be the head of the barrel usually come from among the influential penghulu in a nagari (country) that can be cooperated by the Dutch.
The title of Tuanku Laras is as complicated as it is: he must be loyal to the Dutch, but he also must protect his people. Many heads of the barrels still hold idealism, but not a few are hated by their own people, because they are directly or indirectly the extension of Dutch colonialist hands to suppress and control the Minangkabau people in the nagari.

Demang Darni with the title Datu Rangkajo Bungsu; Tuanku Laras from XII Kota/Soengai Limau/Kampar di Tengah 1892-1923.
— Sumber: magazine Pandji Poestaka /1925/part 1/page 656 — donald tick, Facebook


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