Kingdom of Tanjung Kasau / Prov. Sumatera Utara

The kingdom of Tanjung Kasau is located on Sumatera, Kabupaten Batu Bara, provinsi Sumatera Utara.

Provinsi of North Sumatera

District Batu Bara

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History of the kingdom

Tanjung Kasau, is a Malay tribal region rooted in ethnic Simalungun. Tanjung Kasau in 1888, by the Colonial Government was excluded from the Simalungun government culture. The King of Tanjung Kasau was brought down by the Dutch in 1900, replaced by his brother King Maharudin. With the Beslet Gabenor-General in 1920, Tanjung Kasau was united with several areas of Batubara, such as Tanjung, Sipare-pare and Pagurawan areas, then made into a kingdom named Inderapura, where appointed by the Dutch one of its employees, a nobleman named Tengku Abdullah Seman aka Tengku Busu (he who signed Korte Verklaring 21.10.1920), so that Tanjung Kasau Simalungun is more determined to be Malay.
Source: M Muhar Omtatok.

Map of kingdoms on North Sumatera, 19th century

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– Tentang kerajaan Tanjung Kasau:
– Tentang kerajaan Tanjung Kasau:

Datuk M Ali heir of king Bintara (Mat Yasin) Zelfbestuuder Tanjung Kasau 1905-1916 in Tebing Tinggi. (foto 2017)