Sultanate of Dhasa Nawalu / Prov. Sumatera Utara, Kab. Tapanuli Selatan

The Sultanate of Dhasa Nawalu is located in the District of Tapanuli Selatan, province of north Sumatera.

District of Tapanuli Selatan

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About the sultan

In 2008 the King was Daulat Tuanku Sultan Haji Baharuddin Harahap.
In 2009 he died.  

About the Sultanate

Google translation

The Sultanate of Dhasa Nawalu, which has the meaning of the eight directions of the wind, installed Sultan Haji Baharuddin Harahap, S.Ag, descendant of Ompu Toga Langit, who is  ancestor of the Harahap Clan, as the first sultan with the title Ompu Toga Langit Raja Tuan Tua Patuan Nagaga Najungal Yang Dipertuan Dhasa Nawalu Tapanuli Bagian Selatan.
The empress is a descendant of the sultanate of Yogyakarta, Queen Naduma Sari Gusti Raden Ayu Boru Siagian, who is none other than the granddaughter of Sultan Hameng Kubuwono IX.

The Palace

Google translation

The majestic Bosar Tunggang Palace is the main symbol of the Sultanate of Dhasa Nawalu, standing majestic Maulan Village Promise Muara Tais, South Tapanuli.
The construction of a privately-funded palace by the king’s offspring is to revive the noble values of Dalihan Natolu traditional culture of Batak Angkola tribe. Also, the development of adat is also juxtaposed with religion. Now the palace of Tunggang Bosar Janji Mauli has a modern boarding school supported by the Bagang Godang Foundation and has become a patron for religious education for the people of Sumatra and especially the West Coast of North Sumatra.

Source (only indon. language)

Tentang Dhasa Nawalu:
– Sultan Baharuddin Harahap dan Permaisuri, Tapanuli Selaten, march 2008: link
Tentang Istana Tunggang Bosar:

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