Sultanate of Pagaruyung


According to Tambo Alam Minangkabau (legend), the order of kingdoms was:
Kingdom of Pasumayan Koto Batu,
2 Kingdom of  Pariangan Padang Panjang
3 Kingdom of Dusun Tuo founded by Datuk Perpatih Nan Sabatang
4 Kingdom of Bungo Sitangkai
5 Kingdom of Bukit Batu Patah and last
6 Kingdom of Pagaruyung.

Adityawarman is believed to have founded the kingdom and presided over the central Sumatra region between 1347 and 1375, most likely to control the local gold trade. The few artifacts recovered from Adityawarman’s reign include a number of stones containing inscriptions, and statues. Some of these items were found at Bukit Gombak, a hill near modern Pagarruyung, and it is believed a royal palace was located there.
By the 16th century, the time of the next report after the reign of Adityawarman, royal power had been split into three recognized reigning kings. They were the King of the World (Raja Alam), the King of Adat (Raja Adat), and the King of Religion (Raja Ibadat). Collectively they were called the Kings of the Three Seats (Rajo Tigo Selo).

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About Rajo Tigo Selo

Rajo Tigo Selo is a supreme institution in the kingdom of Pagaruyung, which was called in Tambo Adat, Limbago Rajo.
Three Kings, Raja Alam, Raja Adat and Raja Ibadat had a common ancestor. Raja Alam, Raja Adat, dan Raja Ibadat, these 3 kings were called Rajo Tigo Selo. While Raja Adat and Raja Ibadat were called Rajo Duo Selo. The kings of Tigo Selo always tried to maintain a very close kinship by the way of intermarry.
Each king had his own duties, authority and regional position.
* Raja Alam had his seat in Pagaruyung.
* Raja Adat had his seat in Buo,
* Raja Ibadat had his seat in Sumpur Kudus.


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