Kingdom of Rokan / Sumatera – Riau, wilayah Rokan

The kingdom of Rokan was located on Sumatera, Provinsi Riau, Rokan area.

Province of Riau

Rokan region, prov. of Riau

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History of the kingdom

Rokan area is the area of the Rokan Tua Kingdom, known to exist in the 13th century, when it was recorded in Prapanca’s “Kertagama Country”, written in 1364 AD, the 13th verse is mentioned; “The entire island of Sumatra (Malay) has become an area under the rule of Majapahit include; … Rakan (Rokan) … “.
Rokan is also mentioned in other written sources such as Chinese Chronicles, as well as Portuguese roteiros (marine handbooks) (Marguin 1984).
According to Muchtar Lutfi, Wan Saleh in the history of Riau, became the King of Rokan in the14-15th century; he is descended from Sultan Sidi brother of Sultan Sujak described in the book Sulalatus Salatin, which states that Rokan king is the son of Sultan Sidi Sultan Sujak brother.
The Rokan Kingdom was centered in Koto Intan, a place near Kotolamo and moved to Pekaitan and eventually moved to Rantau Kasai (in Siarang-arang)
After that there is no mention of the name Rokan Kingdom again.

When Rokan disappeared, a new kingdom took over, namely the Pekaitan kingdom and the Batu Hampar kingdom.
After the Pekaitan kingdom and the Hampar Stone kingdom disappeared, then came the three kingdoms in Rokan Hilir came up:

* Kerajaan Kubu,
* kerajaan Bangko,
* kerajaan Tanah Putih.

And in Rokan Hulu appeared 5 kingdoms:
* kerajaan Tambusai,
* kerajaan Rambah,
* kerajaan Kepenuhan,
* kerajaan Kunto Dar el Salam,
* kerajaan Rokan, ibunegerinya Rokan IV Koto.

Source (only indon. language)

 – Sejarah kerajaan Rokan:

Sejarah kerajaan Rokan:
– Sejarah kerajaan Rokan:
– Sejarah kerajaan Rokan: