Kingdom of Lambeusoe / Sumatera – Prov. Aceh, Kab. Aceh Barat

The kingdom of Lambeusoe was located on Sumatera, District Aceh Barat, prov. Aceh.
During the sultanate of Aceh this kingdom was a vassal or subordinate to the sultan of Aceh and was led by the king who had the title of Uleebalang.
After the end of the Aceh War, in 1914, Lambeusoe entered Onderafdeling Calang, as “swapraja.

Location prov. of Aceh

District Aceh Barat

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About the kingdom

At the end of the 17th century were developed several small kingdoms led by a Uleebalang, namely: Kluang; Lamno; Kuala Lambeusoe; Kuala Daya; Kuala Unga; Babah Awe; Krueng No; Cara’ Mon; Lhok Kruet; Babah Nipah; Lageun; Lhok Geulumpang; Rameue; Lhok Rigaih; Krueng Sabee; Teunom; Panga; Woyla; Bubon; Lhok Bubon; Meulaboh; Seunagan; Tripa; Seuneu’am; Tungkop; Beutong; Pameue; Teupah (Tapah); Simeulue; Salang; Leukon; Sigulai.

During the sultanate of Aceh these kingdoms were a vassal or subordinate to the sultan of Aceh and were led by the king who had the title of Uleebalang.

This picture is from 1920. The Dutch government met with Regent-raja Teuku Dorohman (1916-1932) of Lambeusoe / Aceh Barat. He is sitting right of Calon-raja (still the youngest) Teuku Keujruen. Other people are head of kampong and nobility etc. of the Lambeusoe kingdom. Photo source: Donald Tick, Facebook

About the small kingdoms in Aceh

Under the sultanate of Aceh there were many small kingdoms; they were subordinate to the sultan of Aceh.
Uleebalang was a ruler of nanggroe or small kingdom. When they assumed the position of Uleebalang in their area, they must be approved by the Sultan of Aceh. The Appointment Letter was called Sarakata, and stamped with the stamp of the Kingdom of Aceh,  theCap (seal) Sikureung.

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Map of the Uleebalang (small kingdoms) in Aceh 1917