Kingdom of Rajo Koto Rajo / Prov. Riau, Sumatera – Kab. Kuantan Singingi

Kingdom of Koto Rajo; located on Sumatera, District Kuantan Singingi. Province of Riau.

District Kuantan Singingi

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History of the kingdom of Rajo Koto Rajo

There is no information about the history of this kingdom.

Short history of the kingdoms in Riau

In Riau Province there were several Malay kingdoms,  like the kingdoms of Indragiri (1658 – 1838), Siak (1723 – 1858), the kingdom of Pelalawan (1530 – 1879), and the Riau-Lingga Sultanate (1824-1913).
There were many other small kingdoms, such as Rokan, Tambusai, Rambah kingdom, Rokan IV Koto kingdom, the Kingdom Kunto Darussalam, the Kingdom Koto Alang, Kandis, Peranap Indragiri, Keritang, Rambah, Kampar, Kubu, Bangko, the Kingdom Gasib, Segati Kingdom, the Kingdom Cerenti, Kingdom of Logas, Gunung SahilanKingdom of Rokan di Kota Lama, the Kingdom Sintong, Rajo Koto Rajo, Kingdom of Kuntu.
Now it’s all just a story and history, just sometimes is left a former Royal Palace.

Kingdoms in Riau, 19th century

Palace kingdom of Rajo Koto Raj0

* Foto palace Rajo Koto Rajo: link

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