Kingdom of Kuntu Kampar / Sumatera, Prov. Riau

The Kingdom of Kuntu (Kampar) is located on Sumatera, in the District of Kampar, province of Riau.

District of Kampar

Province of Riau

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History of the kingdom

Riau region is a region rich in history in the past. Not only rich in natural resources but also rich in history.
Riau Province consisted of a number of Malay kingdoms, that once existed, such as the kingdoms of Indragiri (1658 – 1838), Siak (1723 – 1858), Pelalawan (1530 – 1879), and Riau-Lingga (1824-1913).
There were many other small kingdoms, among them the Kingdom of Kuntu.
The Sultanate of Kuntu Kampar was located in East Minangkabau. The Sultanate Kuntu or also called Kuntu Darussalam was at the end dominated by the kingdom of Singasari and the Kingdom of Majapahit. Now the Sultanate Kuntu is just a story without leaving the slightest rest heyday, Sultanate Kuntu is located in the subdistrict of Kampar Kiri (Lipat Kain) Kab. Kampar.

Kingdoms in Riau in the 19th century

Source (only indon. language)

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Sejarah kesultanan Kuntu:
– Sejarah kesultanan Kuntu: