Kingdom of Holotan / Sumatera, Prov. Jambi

The kingdom of Holotan (Ho-lo-tan). Existed in the 5th century. Was  located on Sumatera, provinsi Jambi.

Provinsi of Jambi 

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About the kingdom of Holotan

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About the 5th century there were in the region of Jambi 2 small kingdoms (= kerajaan):

kerajaan Ho-lo-tan and
kerajaan Kan-to-li.

Kingdom of Ho-lo-tan
In the history of the Sung dynasty (960-1280 AD) Holotan was located in She-po or Thu-po.
According to Sartono (1978), She-po or Thu-po is considered to be the same as Tebo now, namely Muebo Tebo. On the outskirts of the river Batanghari encountered an ancient settlement called Ke-do-tan. Still need to research the Ho-lo-tan toponym with Ke-do-tan thoroughly.

Kan-to-li kingdom
The second kingdom that had been in contact with China is the Kan-to-li kingdom. According to Chinese sources, the Kan-to-li kingdom had repeatedly sent envoys from 441 – 563 AD According to Mulyanan (1981), Kan-to-li toponyms are similar to Kuntala or Tungkal. So the Kan-to-li kingdom is in the interior of the Tungkal river, Jambi. The country of Kan-to-li disappeared at the beginning of the 7th century AD.

Source (only indon. language)

– Sejarah kerajaan Holotan:
– Sejarah kerajaan Holotan: