Kingdom of Bedagai / Prov. Sumatera Utara

The kingdom of Bedagai is located on Sumatera, province Sumatera Utara, kab. Serdang Bedagai.

District of Serdang Bedagai

Province of North Sumatera 

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About the king

The king had the title of Pangeran.

History of the kingdom

Below note from Tengku Mansoer Adil Mansoer Facebook:

One may say it’s a kingdom too. It was the negeri of the datuk Bandar Rahmat. When the sultan of Deli (Sultan Osman) wanted to marry the sister (Tengku Raja Siti) from the sultan of Asahan, the sultan demanded that she would be the T. Permaisuri (queen), which was impossible as there was already a T. Permaisuri and an heir in Deli. So to keep peace between the 2 sultans he offered Bedagai to the sultan of Asahan if the first born should be a son. The son then borned was T. Ismail Sulung Laut, who became the first raja of Bedagai, with the title of Pangeran.

Succession of the kings

– Tengku Haji Ismael Sulung
– Tengku Haji Rahmat Bendahara son of the king
– Tengku Abdulmanan (pejabat)
– Tengku Osmanli (pejabat)
– Tengku Haji Bahroen (pejabat)
– Tengku Zainarrasyid (pejabat)
– Tengku Hafas (pejabat)
– Tengku Abduljalil (pejabat)
– Tengku Azhari (pejabat)