Dynasty of Sorimangaraja (Sagala), Dinasti / Prov. Sumatera Utara

The Dynasty of Sorimangaraja (Sagala) was located on Sumatera, in the region of Bakkara, prov. Sumatera Utara, south of the Toba Lake.

Provinsi of North Sumatera

Location of Bakkara

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History of the Dynasty Sorimangaraja / Region of Bakkara

Batak civilization in Sumatra  began in nearly  3.000 years ago, through the course of a long history as a race Proto Malay (Melayu Tua) who have a religion, customs, traditions, science and philosophy are high. This Batak tribe has its own cultural characteristics on the traditions, customs, art houses, carvings, music, language, alphabet, calendar and astronomical knowledge.

History of Ancient Batak (Old Toba) in Sumatra notes that there were three royal dynasty that united the various ethnic groups who have links with some of the tribes of South India, rural Myanmar (Burma) – Thailand and Tibet, which previously had inhabited the island of Sumatra on century BC (1500 + BC). The leader among leaders (Primus Interpares) formed a dynasty that united tribal clans, kingdoms tribe in the country (up to Aceh) and  kings of Marga and King Huta.

The three dynasty are:

  1. Dynasty Sori Mangaraja

This dynasty led by hereditary king Sori Mangaraja (adapted from Sri Maharaj).  Sori Mangaraja crown counsel, Batara Guru, a character from South India. This dynasty existed for 300-500  years, since the 7th century AD (or the 9th century AD) until the beginning of the 12th century AD.

Capital of the kingdom in the Lobu Tua, Barus and Pansur as a port city and commercial center of the world.  During the period, this dynasty built civilization and high culture and advanced. Dynasty ended by a devastating war between the Kingdom of Chola, India with Srivijaya in the region.

  1. Dynasty Hatorusan

Dynasty  triumphed for nearly 300 years since the beginning of the 13th century AD until the beginning of the 16th century AD led by a hereditary king who holds the King Hatorusan I-VII. The first king, Uti Mutiaraja, derived from the descendants of Guru Tatea Bulan, Pusuk Buhit.  Dynasty is trying to reorganize and continue the tradition and glory of the royal dynasty Sori Mangaraja. Capital of the Kingdom in Barus and then moved inland on the border region of Aceh.  Camphor and kemenyaan remain as a source of income that are traded in the port royal Pansur, Barus. This dynasty then gave the reins of power to the royal dynasty of the State Sisingamangaraja Bakara.

  1. Dynasty Sisingamangaraja

This dynasty existed for 400 + years, since the 1500’s until 1907.  State governmental center in Bakara, under the leadership of King Sisingamangaraja I – XII. The kingdom and the people faced the war during 30 year against the Dutch who tried to conquer the Land of Batak.  The dynasty ended with the death of the last Sisingamangaraja, Ompu Patuan Bosar Sinambela (Ompu Pulo Batu) in the heroic battle at Si Onom Hudon 1907. Also killed in the battle were two of his sons, Patuan Nagari and Patuan Anggi, and his beloved daughter Lopian.

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