Kingdom of Selayar / Prov. Sulawesi Selatan, Kab. Selayar

The kingdom of Selayar was a kingdom, located on Sulawesi, on the island of Selayar, Kab. Selayar. South Sulawesi.

Provinsi of South Sulawesi

Location island of Selayar

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History of the kingdom

Small kingdoms on the Selayar Islands District are expected to begin growing in the 13th century or more precisely, during Majapahit’s reign, according to the historical Kartagama Pupuh XIV’s book.
The Kartagama (a work of Mpu Prapanca), has clearly mentioned, the name Selayar as an indispensable part of the Majapahit territory and then followed by the mention of the status of Selayar’s status in the 17th Century which at that time was still under the rule of the Gowa kingdom.

Because the people of Putabangun trusted We Tenri Dio, he was asked to become king. We Tenri Dio was according to the Lontara Putabangun, the middle child of Sawerigading.
When he visited Kausing and Kausung to became king, he did not immediately accept. There must be a sign from the Gods. And he asked the community of Selayar to gather.
Selayar community then gathered, and was asked to stand up and bow. Then they saw something, that can not be described with words.
We Tenri Dio explained, that there was seen “passapu dendang ri langi, kaso maduluang anging”, which means: if we look at the sky, it would seem there is nothing on it”.
We Tenri Dio then said: I am willing to become king in Putabangun, because the Gods have given permission.

Gong Nekara (Keteltrom) di Bontobangun, Selayar

This gong is the largest and oldest Nekara gong in the world; a bronze relic discovered about 2,000 years ago and there are only two, the other one in China. The shape resembles an upside-down inclination, the centerline of the plane measuring 126 cm and height 92 cm.colored flora and fauna consists of elephant 16 tail, bird 54 tail, 11 betel tree and fish 18 tail. While on the surface of the upper gong there are 4 frog-shaped statues with a length of 20 cm and in addition there are 4 ear leaves that work part of the handle.
According to legend associated with the gong nekara on Selayar Island, it is said that when Sawerigading with his wife (We Cuddai) and his three sons, La Galigo, Tenri Dio, and Tenri Balobo returned from China, on their way to Luwu they stopped at Pulau Selayar and directly headed to a place called Putabangun with a large bronze neck. In that place they are regarded as Tumanurung. It was then that Tenri Dio was considered to be the first king in Putabangun and placed the gong of the nekara as a calompoang in the Putabangun Kingdom. Collection A A Cense, 07-1932.

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A lokal ruler from Selayar. 1872

Kingdom of Selayar. The dance Pakarena

House of a villlage chief, Selayar

House of the dutch ruler, Selayar

Grave of We Tenri Dio

In this building is the Gong Nekara