Kingdoms in the region of Poso / Prov. Sulawesi Tengah

The region of Poso is located on Sulawesi, prov. Central Sulawesi.

Prov. of Central Sulawesi

Location of Poso

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History of the kingdoms

To shorten Poso’s long history, we can begin with the starting point of the 1880s when the Dutch East Indies government, who understood the strategic significance of Poso, began to organize the government in Poso. The Dutch tried to minimize the influence of the existing local kingdoms:

In 1919 the entire area of Central Sulawesi which was still incorporated in the Residency of Manado, was divided into two regions of West and East, called Afdeeling, namely: Afdeeling Donggala with its capital Donggala and Afdeeling Poso with the capital city of Poso.


– Kerajaan-kerajaan di wilayah Poso:
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