Confederation of Massenrempulu / Prov. Sulawesi Selatan – Kab. Enrekang

The Confederation of Massenrempulu was a federation of 7 kingdoms in Enrekang, District Enrekang, prov. Sulawesi Selatan.

District Enrekang

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History of Massenrempulu

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In Enrekang District, South Sulawesi, lived three tribes: Enrekang, Duri, and Marowangin. The 3 tribes formed a unity called Masserrempulu tribe. Masserempulu, Enrekang language, means sticking like sticky rice. The word used to denote the unity of the 3 tribes. In Bugis language, Masserempulu is called Masserembulu, meaning mountain range. Masserempulu tribe was living in an area consisting of ranks of mountains. The most famous mountain and frequented by climbers is mount Latimojong.

Since the XIV century, this area is called MASSENREMPULU ‘.

Historically, in the beginning Enrekang Regency was a great empire named MALEPONG MONTH, then this kingdom became MANURUNG with a federation that combines 7 regions / kingdom better known as the federation “PITUE MASSENREMPULU”.

The Massenrempulu Confederation was founded in Bone at the time of Bissu Tonang Arung Enrekang th- III around 14th century. At the beginning of the establishment of this confederation, named Pitue Massenrempulu there were seven kingdoms consisting of:

NB: kerajaan = kingdom
  1. Kerajaan Endekan ruled by Arung/Puang Endekan,
  2. Kerajaan Kassa ruled by Arung Kassa’,
  3. Kerajaan Batulappa‘ ruled by Arung Batulappa’,
  4. Kerajaan Tallu Batu Papan (Duri) which was a combination of Buntu Batu, Malua, Alla’. Buntu Batu was ruled by Arung/Puang Buntu Batu, Malua by Arung/Puang Malua, Alla’ by Arung Alla’,
  5. Kerajaan Maiwa ruled by Arung Maiwa,
  6. Kerajaan Letta‘ ruled by Arung Letta’,
  7. Kerajaan Baringin (Baringeng) ruled by Arung Baringin.

In about the 17th century, Pitu Massenrempulu’ changed its name to Five Massenrempulu ‘because the Baringin Empire and the Letta Kingdom’ did not merge into the federation Massenrempulu ‘.

As a result of the politics of Devide et Impera, the Dutch Government divided this area by the Decree of the Royal Dutch Government (Korte Verkaling), in which the Kingdom of Kassa and the Batu Lappa Kingdom were incorporated into Sawitto. This happened around 1905 so as to remain in the condition of the Five Massenrempulu ‘, the kingdoms within it were broken up.

Some forms of government in the region of Massenrempulu ‘during the reign of the Dutch, namely:
the kingdoms in Massenrempulu ‘in the Dutch colonial period in Dutch administration turned into Landshcap. Each Landschap was led by an Arung (Zelftbesteur) and aided by Sulewatang and Pabbicara / Arung Lili, but the power remained in the hands of the Dutch as Kontroleur.
The Federation of Five Massenrempulu ‘then became: Buntu Batu, Malua, Alla’ (Tallu Stone Board / Duri), Enrekang (Endekan) and Maiwa. In 1912 until 1941 it changed again to Onder Afdeling Enrekang headed by a Kontroleur (Mr. Petoro).


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