Kingdom of Kajang / Prov. Sulawesi Selatan – Kab. Bulukumba

The kingdom of Kajang is located on Sulawesi, District Bulukumba, Prov. Sulawesi Selatan. This kingdom exists since the 16th century.
This is a kingdom of the Kajang People; their leader is titled Ammatowa, a well known king is Karaeng Dea dg Lita.

District Bulukumba

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History of the kingdom of Kajang

In the past there were two Kajang:
* Kajang Ilalang Embayya (inner Kajang) and
* Kajang Koasa (outside Kajang).

Inner Kajang and outside Kajang had each a leader.

Outside Kajang consisted of two kingdoms, namely the Kingdom of LEMBANG and the Kingdom of LAIKANG. After a long period of time the 2 outside kingdoms became one kingdom, namely the Kingdom of LEMBANG; LAIKANG and LEMBANG had a separate leader and were separate from KAJANG.

After the last reign of the Lembang kingdom with the last King, Karaeng Sadda daeng Mallatte, the Kajang and Lembang kingdoms were united with the name of the Kajang Kingdom itself. And according to history, the first King of Kajang who was appointed by the Dutch was Karaeng Mattu Dg Pahakkang until the last king of Kajang who was appointed was Kr. Huseng with Parani.

– Kingdom of Laikang:
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List of kings of Kajang

1. Tu Sappaya lilanna
2. Karaeng Laiju Dg Tapau
3. Puang Kr Boto’ Deppabeta
4. Puang Kr Barani
5. Puang Kr Didi Dg Matarring
6. Karaenga ri Kassi.

Cidu Dg. Matarang was one of the sons of Karaeng Dea Dg. Lita and siblings with Tontong Daeng Mantarang. Cidu Dg. Matarang was choosen and appointed to be the fifth regent in Kajang or Sulewatang around 1905. In 1910, after the rule of the regent Halimung Dg. Sirua, then Cidu Dg Matarang was installed as the fifth regent ruled until the death of the year 1917.

About the Kajang People

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The Kajang Tribe community, also called Ammatoa, who live in Bulukumba District, South Sulawesi, manages forest resources sustainably, although geographically it is not far (about 50 km) from the economic and administrative center of Bulukumba regency. This is because indigenous peoples’ relationships with their forest environment are based on a wise view of life, which is treating the forest as a mother to be respected and protected.
Only the people living in the area of Kajang Dalam are still fully adhering to the Ammatoa custom. They practice a very simple way of life by rejecting anything that is technological. For them, technological things can have a negative impact on their lives, because they are destructive to the sustainability of natural resources. The community that always wore black clothes is then called as Ammatoa indigenous people.

History of the kingdoms in area Bulukumba

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Begin of the sixteenth century was the beginning of the development of small kingdoms in Bulukumba in terms of economy, defense and, as well, could exercise their power so well as ruler of the kingdom. It’s just that threats and challenges often come and go.
The first kingdom in Bulukumba was Kajang Amma Toa. There are some other small kingdoms in Bulukumba.
Some of these small kingdoms in Bulukumba were:
* Kingdom of Tanete,
* Kingdom of (Gantarang) Kindang,
* Kingdom of Hero Langnge-langnge,
* Kingdom of Ujung Loe,
Kingdom of Kajang,
* Kingdom of Tiro,
* Kingdom of Ara Bontohari.

In the 16th-17th century the kingdom of Bone and the kingdom of Gowa fought in the seizure of power territory ie bangkeng buki ‘area, which is in the area of Bulukumba now.
Finally, these two kingdoms re-reconcile and supported the kings in Bulukumba to maintain their territories.
Because they already know the cunning of the Dutch and its allies, they pitted all the kings to fight each other. Because the Dutch thought if all the kingdom were united, it is more difficult to master them.

Map of South Sulawesi, incl. Bulukumba, 1909

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Sejarah Bulukumba dan daftar raja:
– Sejarah Bulukumba dan daftar raja:
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