Kingdom of Cenrana / Prov. Sulawesi Selatan, Kab. Maros

The Kingdom of Cenrana was a kingdom of the Mandar People. Located on Sulawesi, prov of South Sulawesi, District of Maros.

District of Maros

Provinsi of South Sulawesi 

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About the kingdom of Cenrana

There is no information about this kingdom.

List of kings

c.1500: Cenrana state founded.

After Sultan Pondu, there was the Mokoapat Dynasty, namely:

* 1850 – 1865: I Noto Mangamang
* 1865 – 1866: I Sabu
* 1866 – 1883: Anranata
* 1885 – 1889: Tandiwali
* 1892 – 3 May 1896: I Merette (f)
* 1896 – 1901: Galigu
* 1901 – 1907: I Rukalumu
* 1907 – 1917: Ma Pagiling
* 1917 – 1949: Pawela E

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Ca. 1889-96: I Merette

She was married to the 23rd ruler, Tandiwali, who ruled until 1889, but her reign is not certain until 1892. She was daughter of Jalangkara, who also ruled over Pambuang/Pembuang, and was succeeded by her son, La Galigu, who reigned until 1901.

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About the kingdoms in the Maros region

At the end of the 17th century in Maros and the surrounding area there had been established several autonomous kingdoms. These were the kingdoms of:
* Kingdom of Simbang,
* Kingdom of Bontoa,
* Kingdom of Lau,
* Kingdom of Turikale,
* Kingdom of Tanralli,
* Kingdom of Marusu.

The major expansion of Gowa since the reign of Karaeng Tumapakrisika Kallonna, King of Gowa IX, changed political geography of the map of South Sulawesi region. The Marusu kingdom, which used to be an independent and sovereign kingdom, became directly under the domination of Gowa. There was no significant resistance during the attack of Gowa to the north. The most northern region, Marusu, Bontoa bordering with Binanga Sangkara, Barasa region (Pangkajene) were easily conquered during the reign of King of Gowa X, Karaeng Tunipalangga. I Manriwagau Daeng Bonto Karaeng Lakiung Tunipallangga Ulaweng, King of Gowa X (1546-1565) sent I Mannyarrang, a nobleman of Bangkala, son of I Pasairi Daeng Mangngasi Karaeng Labbua Tali Bannangna, Karaeng of Bangkala to be Karaeng maggau’ in the region.

Map of kingdoms on South Sulawesi (incl. Maros), 1909

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