Kingdom of Bolano / Prov. Sulawesi Tengah – kab. Parigi Moutong

The kingdom of Bolano is located in Sulawesi, prov. Sulawesi Tengah, District Parigi Moutong.
The title of the king is Arajang.

District Parigi Moutong

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About Bolano

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The village of Bolano was a small kingdom of its time. In the past, Bolano was known as Kongian Boano which means Bolano Kingdom. Still limited allegations, that the first king of Boano may be named Lindunia. Lindunia literally means the protector of the world (There is no royal lineage of this kingdom). There is evidence, that the village of Bolano was a small kingdom, because of the banner of Bolano, the story written on the palm leaves, that tell about the kingdom of Bolano, Gong 40 m2 diameter, that disappeared during the Dutch colonial period. According to local stories this Gong is a unifying tool of the Bolano tribe. Traditional musical instrument, which is said to have been stolen Lambunu people, and Arajang spear that is still stored neatly. It is said that the Kingdom of Bolano has a close relationship with the Kingdom of Bone at that time. The tribe who inhabit Bolano Village is the Bolano tribe.

The royal heritage of Bolano

Located in the village of Boano (known as Bolano Village) there is an Arajang heirloom where the people of Boano believe that heirlooms are the gift of the king of Bone. A reward for victory for the help given by Kongian Boano (Kingdom of Boano) against the Kingdom of Bone in conquering his enemies.

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Village of Bolano

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