Kingdom of Batu / Prov. Sulawesi Selatan – kab. Sidenreng-Rappang

The kingdom of Batu is located on Sulawesi, District of. Sidenreng-Rappang, Kec. Pitu Riase.
This kingdom is the oldest kingdom in the region of the District of Sidenreng Rappang.

District of Sidenreng-Rappang

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History of the kingdom

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The  center of Batu kingdom is located in Tana Toro and the Sando governance structure is divided into 4 Sando, namely: Adat Kampung, who takes care of the government, Adat Sanro for treatment, Sorong takes care of agriculture and Sanro Sara takes care of Religion. Batu Kingdom is the oldest kingdom in the district. Sidenreng Rappang, which had since it was founded a relationship with the neighboring kingdoms such as Luwu, Duri, Maiwa Enrekang, Toraja, Sidenreng, Wajo and so on.
Sando Batu ruled in two phases of pre-Islamic era and the period of entry of Islam. Before the entry of Islam Sando Batu concurrently occupied the position as head of government and was responsible for the “pemangku adat” (= those responsible for the adat); after the entry of Islam  the power was divided into 2 namely: Raja and Sando: the King takes care of the government and Sando takes care of the adat and inaugurated the King, so the same function as the House of Representatives.

Map of kingdoms on South Sulawesi, 1500

The Tomd of Sando Batu (king of Batu I)

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Tomb Sando Batu I is located in the village Wala-Wala Pitu Riase District Kab. Sidenreng Rappang of South-Sulawesi Province. The tomb of Sando Batu is above 760 meters above sea level with the coordinate point S 03’38 348, E 120’08 283, and is above the mountains of the mountain slope of Latimojong border between Kab. Sidrap and Kab. Enrekang. Tomb Sando stone I has a length of 2 meters, width 95 cm, height of gravestone 40 cm, width of gravestone 10 cm. The tombstone is made of andessif rock, the orientation of the tomb is to the north, the gravestone is poorly maintained and overgrown with small menhirs, whitish gray tombstone and the age of the tomb about 500 years ago.

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– Sejarah kerajaan Batu:


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