Kingdom of Balinggi / Prov. Sulawesi Tengah, Kab. Parigi Moutong

The kingdom of Balinggi is located in sub-district Balinggi, Kab. Parigi Moutong, provinsi Sulawesi Tengah.

District of Parigi Moutong

Province of Central Sulawesi

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About the kingdom

There is only the info below about this  kingdom.

Google translation

In the house of the penghulu of Balinggi were 2 mythical figures. Both were nurtured and raised by the head of the village of Balinggi and announced to the people that the two men would be made into a pair of kings and queens, because they were not human beings but gods. They were married until a boy named “Siominanga” was born. He also had several siblings until both his parents passed away.
As the successor of the king, Siominanga was appointed as his father’s successor. He is known as Mokole Siominanga, which means king of Siominanga. He no longer finds it difficult to rule, because he has always been with his father since his childhood. He is also liked by his people. The kingdom of Balinggi reaches the height of its glory under his rule. Some jealous kings like the king of Bada, Lore, Napu, and Besoa are located south of the kingdom of Balinggi. Three times they attacked the kingdom. The first attack launched by the king of Bada, but was successfully broken by Balinggi. The kingdom of Bada joined the kingdom of Napu to attack Balinggi, but the attack was successfully paralyzed by the kingdom Balinggi. The next attack of the kingdom of Bada, the kingdom of Napu, and the kingdom of Besoa rejoined to attack the kingdom of Balinggi and still succeed their halau. Although human casualties are falling until blood flows the river that floods the villages.
War is not over yet. The real enemy, the Dutch came. Kingdom of Balinggi refused the arrival of the Dutch because according to the news, they are very difficult to be expelled. Several times the Dutch attacked the kingdom of Balinggi with weaponry through the sea route, until the kingdom of Balinggi was repulsed back to their other areas of power.