.The kingdom of Kasunanan Kartasura

The kingdom of Kasunanan Kartasura: 1680 – 1745.  Located on central Java.

Lokasi Kartasura

Lokasi Kartasura

* Foto remains of keraton Kartasura: link

Line of history kesultanan Mataram

1588-1680: Kesultanan Mataram
1680-1742: Kerajaan Kasunanan Kartasura
1755: Nagari Kasunanan Surakarta Hadiningrat (Kesultanan Surakarta) founded 1755 (untill today)
1755: Nagari Kasultanan Ngayogyakarta (Kesultanan Yogyakarta) founded 1755 (untill today)
1757: Kadipaten Mangkunegara founded 1757 (untill today)
1813: Kadipaten Paku Alam exists since 1813 (untill today).

History of the kingdom

Kasunanan Kartasura was a kingdom on the island of Java that existed 1680 – 1742, as a continuation of the Sultanate of Mataram.
Sri Susuhunan Amangkurat II, 1677-1703 was the founder and first king of Kasunanan Kartasura.

Mataram reached its peak of power during the reign of Sultan Agung Hanyokrokusumo (r. 1613 – 1645), and began to decline after his death in 1645.

In 1680 Amangkurat II (reigend 1677-1703) moved the palace to Kartasura (1680), about 5 km west of Pajang, because the old palace was considered contaminated.
Since then the sultanate was called Kasunanan Kartasura.

In 1755 the kingdom was split into the Sultanate of Yogyakarta and the Sultanate of Surakarta. This was the result of the Treaty of Giyanti, 1755.

Fall of the kingdom

In 1740 there was a Chinese uprising in Batavia that spread all over Java. At first Pakubuwana II (successor Amangkurat IV) supported them. But when he saw the VOC superior, he also turned to support the Dutch.
Pakubuwana II’s actions actually made the rebel power increase as many anti-VOC officials abandoned it. Finally on 30 June 1742 the rebels stormed Kartasura heavily. Pakubuwana II fled to Ponorogo.

The VOC teamed up with Cakraningrat IV of Madura and succeeded in retaking Kartasura. At the end of 1743 Pakubuwana II returned to Kartasura but the condition of the city was destroyed. He also decided to build a new palace in the village called Sala, named Surakarta, which he occupied since 1745.

– Source and comprehensive: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mataram_Sultanate

List of kings kerajaan Kartasura

* 1680-1702: Amangkurat II,  founder of Kartasura (engl.: link)
* 1702-1705: Amangkurat III (1702 – 1705), exiled by VOC to Srilangka.
* 1705-1719: Pakubuwana I (Pangeran Puger), fought two previous kings.
* 1719-1726: Amangkurat IV, ancestor of the kings of Surakarta and Yogyakarta.
* 1726-1742: Pakubuwana II, withdraw to Ponorogo because Kartasura was raided by rebels; founded Surakarta (engl.: link)

Sri Pakubuwono II (born 1711 in Kartasura, died 1749 in Surakarta) was the last king of Kasunanan Kartasura (ruled 1726-1742) became the first king of Kasunanan Surakarta (ruled 1745-1749).

History of the Keratons (palaces)

* Old keraton in Karta was built by Sultan Agung (father of Amangkurat I) between 1614 and 1622 and made of wood.
Foto keraton Karta: link

Keraton Plered
was the royal palace built by Amangkurat I of Mataram. Amangkurat moved from the old palace in Karta, built by Sultan Agung (father of Amangkurat I) between 1614 and. Plered was built with brick. The construction work in Plered was finished in 1666. It is located in Pleret, Bantul, to the north-east of Karta.
Kraton Plered was abandoned in 1680 by the son of Amangkurat I, Amangkurat II, who moved to Kartasura.
Foto keraton Plered: link

* Keraton Kartasura was built by Sunan Amangkurat II or Sunan Amangkurat Amral (1677-1703) because the Mataram Palace Pleret had been occupied by the enemy (Trunajaya).
Foto Keraton Kartasura: link

Sixty-six years Kartasura Palace was officially inhabited by Sunan Amangkurat II (1677-1702), although its construction was still not perfect. Precisely on September 11, 1680. King of Mataram who was originally named Prince Adipati Anom was the first king who lived in Kartasura1745, Keraton Kartasura officially moved to Keraton Surakarta, about 10 kilometers east of the old palace.

* Keraton Surakarta
This palace was founded by Susuhunan Pakubuwana II in 1744 as a substitute Palace / Palace Kartasura.
– Foto Keraton Surakarta: link

* Keraton Yogyakarta was build by Sultan Hamengku Buwono I a few months after the Giyanti Agreement in 1755.
– Photo Keraton Yogyakarta: link

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